Published on 24/01/2017

With Armor, now print in Gold and silver!

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ARMOR is now offering two innovative and shiny colours to its line of Thermal Transfer ribbons. With their glossy aspect, APR®600 Gold and APR®600 Silver are well adapted for the identification of products that need excellent print quality and maximum visual appeal.
With APR®600 Gold and APR®600 Silver in their offer, ARMOR partners can stand out from the crowd and address niche, high value markets where good aesthetic is essential.
They produce an attractive print for any kind of texts, logos and barcodes for both flexible packaging and labelling applications in the following industries:
• Cosmetics: packaging for perfumes, creams…
• Pharmaceuticals: medicine bottles, care/treatment creams, medical devices
• Food industry: sachet of coffee/tea/rice, chocolates tubs or boxes, wine bottles, biscuits…
• Other fields of application: outdoor, signage…