Published on 19/05/2015

Print cartridge: ARMOR launches OWA, the 1st brand that recycles at 100 %

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For the very 1st time, a French eco-industry creates a printing solution that is part of the circular economy. It all started with an ordinary object, a laser printer cartridge
To design, produce, distribute, use, sort, manufacture or dismantle, regenerating thousands of cartridges, is an ARMOR  idea and who then launched OWA, the first brand that is 100 % responsible and that allows the user to behave in a 100 % responsible way.
It is an industrial first, a real choice, led by a team from ARMOR determined to follow their convictions through to the end: to succeed in circular economy and not wait for legal or administrative restrictions before committing themselves!
In appearance, the OWA cartridge is a printer cartridge just like the others. It is a product that will ensure an ideal printing quality and that is suitable for virtually all installed printer pools.Up to there, it remains traditional.  What follows is extraordinary. When the purchaser chooses this cartridge, he acquires with it, a guarantee that the cartridge will be collected, sorted, recycled or re-manufactured and reintroduced into the industrial system.
OWA creates the first organised recycling method with guaranteed optimisation from beginning to end.
This process is indeed new because today, 120 million cartridges are marketed and only 20 % of these will have a 2nd life as a remanufactured laser cartridge, despite the good intentions of users who place them in recycling bins. 
OWA is committed: every cartridge will be reused in two ways.  Either, it will be remanufactured after sorting and checking, or – if this isn’t possible – it will be dismantled and all the components will be carefully sorted and reintroduced into an industrial circuit as secondary raw material.
For every OWA cartridge marketed, a cartridge will be remanufactured according to the OWA recycling method.
For the very first time, a French eco-industry has created a printing solution that is part of the circular economy.
 "By putting forward the OWA solution to businesses, OWA confirms the progression of its business model founded on social innovation, combining industrial and economic performance, and respect of the human race and the environment" explains Hubert de BOISREDON, the Groups Chief Executive Officer.

From June, the OWA solution will be launched on the French, British and Belgian markets. Germany is the next step.

Find out more by discovering the new OWA website!