Published on 10/01/2017

1st application of ASCA : a sparkling Eiffel Tower thanks to solar energy!

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2017 begins brightly for LITOGAMI and ARMOR who are presenting today a preview of a souvenir card called 'Citigami'. Adorned with an Eiffel Tower sparkling brightly simply by being exposed to light, this original creation by LITOGAMI will soon be available for sale at prestigious museums around the globe: an excellent collector's piece designed to heighten awareness of sustainable development issues in an entertaining and imaginative way!
See the eyes light up of young and old alike
The latest creation from LITOGAMI, a company that has already made its mark by designing little cardboard houses called 'Casagami', with worldwide sales of some 300,000 units, 'Citigami' will be presented as a collection of poetic, entertaining, educational and decorative cards neatly incorporating an ultra-light and ultra-flexible ASCA© photovoltaic film as its sole source of energy. This self-assembly item, designed as a gift or a keepsake, will immediately arouse the amazement of children and adults alike by sparkling to life when exposed to the light. 'Citigami' will be presented at the Maison & Objet exhibition on the Litogami stand in late January and at the Cité de l'Architecture museum in Paris in February. Designed to showcase the world's finest monuments, the cards will be sold in Litogami's partner concept stores and museum shops.
Throwing light on an inspirational and sustainable item
Produced by pooling the expertise of LITOGAMI and ARMOR, two companies with sustainable development and social responsibility very close to their hearts, the 'Citigami' card is made by disabled workers out of eco-friendly cardboard. In order to capture light energy, it exclusively uses the brand new material called ASCA©, developed by the French mid-cap company ARMOR, based in Nantes and in production since November last year. ASCA© is a 3rd generation photovoltaic film that ARMOR has decided to symbolically integrate within small artistic and sustainable objects, such as those produced by LITOGAMI. "With ARMOR and its innovative ASCA© material, LITOGAMI has found the ideal partner to create a luminous photovoltaic card without batteries, providing a harmonious balance between technology, aesthetics and sustainable development", declares Marc Lebas, the founder of LITOGAMI.
The 3rd industrial revolution is underway!
In the image of the Eiffel Tower, a symbol of the industrial revolution in France presented for the first time during the Universal Exhibition of 1889, LITOGAMI and ARMOR remind us that the 3rd industrial revolution will be based on autonomous access to energy for all, thanks to new ingenious and sustainable objects. Free of rare or toxic components, designed and produced in France, the ASCA© photovoltaic film represents an undoubted technological breakthrough. "Light, flexible and aesthetic, ASCA© is the product of a new French industrial sector supported by ARMOR's production facilities, with a capacity that already stands at some 1 million m2 per year", states Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman & CEO Armor. "Other applications in a variety of fields around the world are being finalised and will be presented over the coming weeks and throughout 2017."