Armor Industrial Coding & Printing

people and property through product traceability

Armor Industrial Coding & Printing (AICP) designs and produces inked films used in the technology of Thermal Transfer.
A delivery label on a package, an expiry date on a food product, washing instructions on clothing, a price & size label attached to a shirt... Just some of the examples of applications for Thermal Transfer technology. It is the most widely used worldwide for printing variable data associated with traceability. ARMOR consequently develops, manufactures and markets print consumables designed for the unitary identification of all types of product in the form of a barcode or batch number alongside an expiry date. Whatever the print substrate or the environment in which the product is used, ARMOR has an ink capable of meeting the particular demands of the application.

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SolFree®, a globally unique production process
ARMOR has developed a globally unique production process enabling Thermal Transfer rolls to be manufactured without the use of solvent: SolFree® - a concrete example of ARMOR's investment in innovation in support of sustainable development.

This major breakthrough for the industry in the area of environmental protection also represents a guarantee regarding the long-term availability of SolFree® Thermal Transfer ribbons should any domestic and/or international regulations impose any limits on the use of solvents.
Automation benefiting employees
In addition to the design of Thermal Transfer consumables, ARMOR also develops its own production processes.

Thanks to an ambitious training programme in keeping with the evolution of production methods and in association with consistent investment in our production facilities, ARMOR's production capacity is constantly growing while maintaining stable personnel numbers.
An original industrial model: co-industrialisation
Currently a market leader in the Thermal Transfer consumables sector, ARMOR is active worldwide through its sales offices, as well as through its transformation plants in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, India, South Africa, China and Singapore.

Nearly 100% of semi-finished products are manufactured at the French site near Nantes, and subsequently transformed to order as close as possible to the market being served.

So any gain in market share benefits both the local business and the plant located in France. A unique model of its type, the opposite of delocalisation.