Armor Office Printing

the environmental footprint of printing by offering ingenious and responsible consumables

Independent from the printer manufacturers, Armor Office Printing (AOP) designs and produces print cartridges as alternatives to OEM products
A genuine alternative to OEMs, the print cartridges produced by ARMOR cover over 90% of printers on the European market. ARMOR has always invested in R&D and in its production facilities in order to guarantee, certify and prove the performance of its print solutions. As an expert in the three main technologies - new built inkjet, remanufactured inkjet and remanufactured laser - with its two brands (ARMOR and OWA), ARMOR Office Printing has carved out a market-leading position in Europe.

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The durable and innovative print solution
With its OWA brand, Armor Office Printing offers a durable and innovative print solution which markedly reduces the environmental footprint of its laser print cartridges - a range of proven, transparent and all-in-one products.

A unique solution on the market which combines remanufactured print cartridges with original services guaranteeing 100% ecological end-of-life processing. 
Manufacturing quality with no concessions
ARMOR makes no concessions when it comes to the quality and reliability of its print cartridges.

To this end, all of the production units have the latest technologies and cutting-edge instrumentation in order to measure quality at each and every stage - from design to component receipt and right up to the packing line. 
Europe-wide coverage, global partners
Armor Office Printing has a presence throughout Western Europe with sales offices in all of the major countries.

From the industrial point of view, Armor Office Printing has established a global strategy of co-development in the inkjet sector by establishing a partnership with the Japanese market leader in order to gain in responsiveness faced with a constantly changing market.