ARMOR Print Solutions

Reducing the environmental footprint of printing by offering ingenious and responsible consumables.

Independent from the printer manufacturers, ARMOR Office Printing offers alternative and turnkey printing solutions, ranging from consumables to managed printing and the collection of used cartridges.
A genuine alternative to OEMs, the print cartridges produced by ARMOR cover over 90% of printers on the European market. ARMOR has always invested in R&D and in its production facilities and established partnerships with key operators in the sector in order to guarantee, certify and substantiate the performance of its printing solutions.

Fully proficient in the three major technologies and with the backing of its European brands (OWA, ARMOR and WECARE), ARMOR Office Printing stands out through its market leadership in Europe and its ability to offer a printing solution for all user needs.

For more information about ARMOR Print Solutions and its products: https://fr.armor-owa.com.
Discover the expertise "by ARMOR"
The durable and innovative print solution
With the launch of the OWA range in 2015, ARMOR Print Solutions created the first all-in-one solution of print cartridges for environmentally responsible companies.

The OWA range consists of eco-designed print consumables supplemented by numerous services that ensure effective end-of-life processing with lower environmental impact.
The range has therefore been expanded over the years, with OWA now offering users a comprehensive selection of printing solutions (consumables for inkjet and laser printers, photocopiers, franking and addressing machines, large format and 3D filaments), supplemented by integrated services: premium guarantees for business users ensuring continuity of production, collection of used cartridges, 100% recoverability, materials consumption report, etc.

The latest fruit of ARMOR's renowned expertise, OWA Print Services offers a bespoke and flexible printing solution free of constraints for business users.
Manufacturing quality with no concessions
ARMOR makes no concessions when it comes to the quality and reliability of its print cartridges.

All production units have the latest technologies and cutting-edge instrumentation in order to measure quality at each and every stage - from design to component receipt and right up to the packing line. 
With the backing of its strategic partnerships, ARMOR offers solutions of high quality that respect patent protection and are technically innovative in order to offer alternative solutions to its users.
Europe-wide coverage, global partners
ARMOR Print Solutions has a presence in Western Europe with sales offices in all major countries. Regardless of the brand, our print consumables are distributed throughout Europe via a network of reliable partner-distributors.

From the industrial point of view, ARMOR Print Solutions is in full control of its inkjet and laser cartridge manufacturing process and has established a global strategy of co-development and partnerships by joining forces with leading operators in the sector in order to gain in responsiveness faced with a constantly changing market.