Published on 10/07/2020

ARMOR and Blue Solutions equip the new e-bus, eCitaro G.

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The German car manufacturer Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, presented its very latest electric bus in late June: the eCitaro G. The project is the result of a call for tenders in 2018 won by Blue Solutions, a French battery manufacturer and historic customer of ARMOR. This e-Bus is equipped with innovative technology to satisfy the demanding environmental challenges. It is a shining example of collaboration between ARMOR and its customer, going back nearly 10 years.
Electric buses for the cities of tomorrow
Electrification of public transport is inevitable if air pollution and noise reduction targets are to be met. New technologies such as the En’ Safe® current collectors are sufficiently mature to deal with the exponential growth in demand. In late June, Daimler therefore presented its brand new e-bus, the eCitaro G. Fitted with batteries incorporating current collectors manufactured by ARMOR, the vehicle measures 18.13 meters in length and can carry up to 145 passengers. "It raises electric mobility up to a new level. By intelligently combining innovative technologies (battery, charging system, IT and multimedia networks...), the eCitaro is already prepared for the city of tomorrow and is establishing its place as the new benchmark in the e-bus field", states a Mercedes-Benz spokesperson.
Current collectors to extend the useful life of batteries…
 "Batteries are complex electro-chemical systems and at the intersection of the active and passive materials can be found our component, which is vital for the functioning of the battery. We offer an interface that enhances communication between the various elements", explains Thierry Dagron, Business Development Director at ARMOR Films for Batteries. Safety, performance, durability… just some of the benefits for the batteries and for the devices and vehicles they equip.
… and for European energy autonomy
Having established a long-term relationship with Blue Solutions based on mutual trust, the French manufacturer sees an opportunity to contribute to tomorrow's cities through the accelerating development of e-Buses. But it was also a victory for industrial autonomy in the region. "The battery designed by Blue Solutions using En’ Safe® components is the ideal solution for e-buses. This demonstrates the extent to which ARMOR is one of the European companies innovating in energy and the battery of tomorrow", states Hubert de Boisredon, Chairmand and CEO of ARMOR.