Published on 12/05/2021

ARMOR is in the process of creating subsidiaries for three activities

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Following the subsidiarisation of its solar activity in 2019 with the creation of ARMOR solar power films, ARMOR is initiating a process of subsidiarisation of three of its other businesse units: additive manufacturing, development of current collectors for batteries, and innovative and sustainable printing, inks and consumables services. 

The aim is to enable each business unit to benefit from appropriate financing and take advantage of alliance opportunities that will ensure its sustainability and accelerate its growth.  

This means the transfer of the activities :
  • Office Printing, Industrial Inks and Dyalog to ARMOR Print Solutions (APS) SAS, a company wholly owned by ARMOR SAS
  • ARMOR 3D to ARMOR Additive Manufacturing SAS, a company wholly owned by ARMOR SAS
  • ARMOR Films for batteries to ARMOR Battery Films, a company wholly owned by ARMOR SAS
The legal and administrative change is expected to be completed in the second half of 2021. Starting from the effective date of the subsidiarisations, the commercial and contractual conditions will automatically be transferred to each concerned subsidiary and will remain unchanged.

"To create subsidiaries for these three activities is a natural step into the growth and development of our group. This will enable us to create alliances that cannot be implemented today, with new technical, commercial and financial partnerships", says Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and CEO of ARMOR.