Published on 04/06/2020

ARMOR joins forces with AIRBUS and the regional authorities of Pays-de-la-Loire to...

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ARMOR joins forces with AIRBUS and the regional authorities of Pays-de-la-Loire to produce 20,000 visors


A coordinated initiative by local companies supported by the regional authorities

The regional council of Pays-de-la-Loire and the AIRBUS and ADVEO groups have joined forces with ARMOR to optimize and maximize production of the protective visor model designed in collaboration with the University of Nantes and approved by Nantes CHU (teaching hospital). The AIRBUS sites in the region are contributing their 3D printers and the ADVEO group, a European market leader in the office equipment sector, is providing 60,000 PVC sheets.
"The innovation and 'maker' teams at the AIRBUS sites in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire decided to support the hospital personnel on the front line in the fight against Covid-19.  A group of volunteers was quickly mobilized to participate in the 3D printed visor project led by ARMOR and the University of Nantes. The collective initiative will produce an additional 600 headbands each week for the manufacture of visors using about 30 3D printers", states Yves-Olivier LENORMAND, Regional Delegate at AIRBUS Development.
 "The ARMOR group is providing the know-how and production capacity of its 3D printing company, Kimya. Our teams identify the needs and then collaborate closely with CHU Nantes and other operators requiring visors and masks. Many companies are also asking us for supplies in order to protect their employees.I am convinced that the mobilization of the ecosystem (companies, public authorities, regional and city councils) will enable us to exit this pandemic even stronger than before", states Hubert de Boisredon, CEO of ARMOR. 
"The financing from the regional council enables production of 20,000 protective visors to be launched without delay. I can only salute the collective effort of major players such as ARMOR and AIRBUS. It demonstrates the strength of the region's industrial fabric and our depth of expertise in innovation and research. The regional council is fully supporting this local initiative to ensure that essential workers are able to access the protective equipment they need", explains Christelle Morançais, president of Pays-de-la-Loire regional council.

Protective equipment approved by CHU Nantes

ARMOR and the University of Nantes have developed this model of visor produced using additive manufacturing in order to mitigate the shortfall of the personal protective equipment so badly needed by everyone mobilized to tackle the pandemic, especially in the healthcare sector.
The protective visors have been approved by CHU Nantes: "All the recommendations we made following testing have now been implemented and the protective visor meets all our specifications for this type of equipment. The comfort aspect has been tested by our anesthetists and operating theater personnel. We have also tested the opacity of the visors and the resistance of the material used (Kimya PETG-S) against decontamination products", confirms Mickaël Evenas, biomedical engineer at CHU Nantes. This new personal protective equipment has already been distributed to healthcare staff.