Published on 22/06/2021

ARMOR solar power films welcomes a new European leadership team

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Followed by extensive external growth, ARMOR solar power films, world leader in organic photovoltaics (OPV), is beginning a new chapter. Dr. Ralph Paetzold will lead a multidisciplinary European team of ARMOR solar power films finest: Moïra Asses (Senior Vice President of Strategy and Marketing), Mélanie Bertrand (Vice President Technology), Hermann Issa (Senior Vice President Business Development and Project Management), Sebastian Meier (Vice President Corporate Development and Partner Management), Tobias Sauermann (Vice President Industrial), Nicolas Vannieuwenhuyse (Vice President for Key Accounts). His key goal is to actively advance the fight against global warming, thanks to the innovative solar ASCA® solution.
"One team, four sites and ten nationalities – ARMOR solar power films relies on talented experts and their synergies to bring all of its customers' ideas to life, to develop new solutions and to lead successfully." Ralph Paetzold, CEO, ARMOR solar power films
The European Union (EU) aims to reach a 55% carbon reduction in emissions in 2030, compared to that of 1990. In order to do this the EU would have to invest $585 billion (about €480 billion) in Renewable Energy, by the end of the decade, according to analysts at Wood Mackenzie. Additionally, European carbon neutrality is mentioned in the Paris Agreement as a means of keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels.
OPV has become an integral player in the fight against global warming, and after a brief start-up phase, it is currently entering a significant growth period, with an increase in project demands for more frequent usage. Now more than ever, our customers’ and partners’ need for more decarbonized projects is placed at the center of our company" Ralph Paetzold, CEO, ARMOR solar power films. 
ARMOR, the holding company of ARMOR solar power films, places societal innovation at the heart of its business model. This is why, for the past ten years, it has invested several tens of millions of euros in OPV, and in particular in the ASCA® film, which is a unique tailor-made and aesthetic solution, that harmoniously integrates into a multitude of mediums. ARMOR plans to similarly financially invest in mass customization projects. 
"Positioned as a link in the value chain and not as a simple isolated technology, we are convinced that ASCA® solar film is the low-carbon solution of the future. It can be used to solarize all existing surfaces, in numerous markets and sectors, like mobility, IoT or construction. Enabling access to energy everywhere, for everyone, all the time, is what we are aiming for!" Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and CEO, ARMOR.