Providing solar energy to a maximum number of people via ASCA® organic photovoltaic film

ASCA®, the flexible and semi-transparent organic photovoltaic film serving a wide range of applications

With the support of its globally recognized expertise in the formulation of high-quality inks and in the high-speed coating of fine layers on ultra-thin film, ARMOR has designed a photovoltaic and environmentally friendly innovation: the ASCA® film.

The unique properties of this new photovoltaic technology open up exciting new possibilities in the sectors of construction, mobility, street furniture and connected objects.

The ASCA® technology represents a novel opportunity for manufacturers seeking sustainable solutions to accelerate energy transition.

For more details about the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film: www.asca.com

Discover the expertise "by ARMOR"
A low-carbon production process and 100% recoverable product

To produce the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film, ARMOR has scrupulously selected the components of its formulation, excluding rare earths and chlorinated or fluorinated derivatives.

ASCA® films therefore present no carcinogenic or toxic risks.

Furthermore, the end of life of the ASCA® film has been anticipated right from the design stage, making the product 100% recoverable.

ASCA© film is the fruit of ARMOR's full range of expertise

ASCA© technology represents the condensed benefits of all the expertise acquired by ARMOR with the additional support of prestigious scientific and technological partners.

This technology is entirely carried out at the Industrial Expertise near Nantes, France.

Responding to current and future energy demands

The development of this new technology is central to the group's CSR commitments to promote energy transition and reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Access to energy is a major challenge within society that ARMOR is determined to meet by offering industry this new photovoltaic solution - the energy of the 3rd millennium.