ARMOR Beautiful Light

solar energy to a maximum number of people via ASCA© third-generation photovoltaic films

The new division Armor Beautiful Light develops ingenious photovoltaic films and solutions capable of transforming any exposed surface into a source of energy

OPV, the third generation of so-called organic ASCA© photovoltaic films, is being backed by the ARMOR Group for industrial development. Without drawing on our mineral resources (silicon), it converts light into electricity thanks to its components based on carbon chains.

Find out more about the Beautiful Light Factory, a new range of brand image product powered by ASCA©. 
Discover the "By ARMOR" know-how
Environmentally friendly components

ASCA© photovoltaic films do not contain any rare, toxic or carcinogenic components.

No chlorinated solvent is used in their manufacture.

Industrial expertise creating innovation in the service of our customers

With its mastery of the high-speed, roll-to-roll production process thanks to its expertise in ink formulation, production and multi-layer deposition on fine substrates, the ARMOR Group exploits its expertise right up to the transformation of master reels into ready-to-use modules according to the required product specifications.

Answers to current and future energy demands

Energy is a global issue with different challenges being faced by the northern and southern hemispheres. 

The ARMOR Group has positioned itself as a player in the energy transition field by proposing appropriate solutions, suggesting new practices and widely promoting this technology.  

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