Published on 26/05/2017

AICP: after internationalisation comes specialisation

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As the Armor flagship, Armor Industrial Coding and Printing (AICP) has 15 subsidiaries and sales offices and has enjoyed 50% growth over the past 10 years. This position as global market leader is framed by a strategy of co-industrialisation which has led to AICP being deployed on all continents while continuing to develop its business in France. It has now taken on a further objective, namely specialisation: Armor intends to offer expert and tailor-made solutions for its customers' requirements.
To guarantee the traceability demanded by the factory 4.0 and its electronic components, AICP is inventing a new generation of Thermal Transfer ribbon adapted to the significant constraints of this industry. Manufactured in their millions each year, electronic circuit boards are identified using barcodes which must remain perfectly legible throughout the various assembly processes (in the presence of heat and solvents) and also throughout the entire product life cycle (from utilisation to recycling).
The Armor R&D team took all these prerequisites into account to create a new ribbon 100% dedicated to the labels used for the traceability of electronic products. Launched in February 2017, this new material is the culmination of work on an ink formulation that offers exceptional levels of performance. Named the AXR®EL, it offers resistance to temperatures of up to 300°C (572°F) and to the most aggressive solvents used in the electronics industry.
Electronics is not the only industry to find a solution from Armor dedicated to the specific demands of product marking. AICP is also launching the AXR®TX ribbon, specially designed for printing variable data on the structured labels used in the textile industry. Print fineness, marking legibility, resistance to the most diverse of processes (ironing, machine wash, dry cleaning, stonewashing...), the material has guaranteed health & safety and environmental qualities thanks to its OekoTex® Standard 100 certification.
Not only does Armor perform high-definition printing on circuit boards, but also on nylon, polyester and satin! What's next?

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