An innovative solution using bespoke 3D materials adapted to the needs of industry

ARMOR designs, formulates and introduces materials offering new mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.
KIMYA provides companies with additive manufacturing support for the production of finished parts (Kimya Factory), through the design (Kimya Lab) and production of bespoke 3D materials offering a high level of added value (Kimya Materials). 
For more information about the KIMYA business and the products of its Kimya brand: www.kimya.fr  

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KIMYA : a catalyst for Industry 4.0
Based on innovative technologies, additive manufacturing offers multiple benefits, such as reducing costs and lead times, optimizing the weight of production parts and reducing the consumption of raw materials. 
Responsive to market developments, KIMYA formulates, designs and offers a wide range of 3D filaments able to meet the specific demands of sectors with diverse requirements, such as aviation, defense, space and automotive. 

Environmental responsibility
3D printing is ideal for creating bespoke products better adapted to meeting consumers' requirements.  
Additive manufacturing means that the weight of the finished product is virtually identical to the weight of the material used in its production. Right from the design phase, by processing and upcycling materials from collected waste, the environmental impact of the Kimya offering is therefore significantly reduced. 
The KIMYA offering also reduces goods transport and logistics costs by enabling the customer to produce parts directly on site. 
Rational production favoring onshoring
To mitigate the fragility of sprawling value and supply chains and the complexity of the outsourcing network, local production is now the order of the day.  
A practical approach faced with the issues of onshoring actually offers significant benefits in terms of competitiveness: better product quality, greater responsiveness on the part of designers and refocusing on domestic and local markets. 
3D printing and the technologies of KIMYA are contributing to the process of establishing sustainable re-industrialization by promoting rational production.