Published on 27/09/2017


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Resulting from a marriage between design, industry and ecology, the DOT project brings together young entrepreneurs who have decided to transform their working methods and invent and produce day-to-day objects. Alongside the TechShop of Leroy Merlin, ARMOR 3D is fully behind this collaborative, ecological and creative project. With the design agency Bold, the 3D printer company Dood Studio and the start-up Sector for the electronic design aspects of the object, ARMOR 3D has developed the OWA bluetooth speaker, an illuminated speaker with a customisable cover using filament deposit 3D printing.

Ecodesign driving creativity

The first creation of the DOT project bears the name OWA, the same as the Armor 3D ecological filament used to produce it. The decision to use 3D printing, and above all the use of recyclable filaments, was a decisive factor, as the end of an object's useful life can be planned during design in terms of recycling and its open source nature. No more in-built obsolescence! 3D printing therefore offers a limitless field of possibilities: a variety of shapes, colours and motif selection. It was also by working on the 3D printing of openwork motifs that the idea of the speaker was born. Wishing to closely marry the object’s aesthetics and functionality, the designers came up with a “lace” cover reminiscent of the perforated grill of an audio speaker. Of the highest quality, it is the bespoke creation of a dedicated team of acoustics and electronics engineers working on the project.

New ways of working and producing 

Located at the TechShop in Ivry-sur-Seine, which has 150 industrial and semi-industrial machines, the DOT project is characterised by the flexibility of the entities working on it. The possibilities remain open regarding how it will be marketed, i.e. whether as a kit for assembly or as a printed finished product. A crowdfunding campaign is planned for autumn 2017 to produce a limited series of speakers. Likely to change throughout the ongoing co-creation process, the OWA bluetooth speaker is the first product in a series of objects that will interest luxury designers, lovers of music and decorative objects and the retail sector alike. Guaranteed innovation, Made in France!
The DOT project will be presented in January 2018 at CES in Las Vegas. An opportunity for ARMOR 3D, an ARMOR start-up that has recently obtained the French Tech label, to showcase the group’s power of innovation.