Published on 27/09/2017


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Launched three years ago by ARMOR, the production of En’ Safe® current collectors complements the booming lithium-ion battery market, which is growing by some 20% per year. The performance levels of this type of battery have been boosted by this hi-tech component, developed from Armor’s expertise in coatings on thin films. This is a major issue at a time when the production of electric cars is becoming a reality as tangible as smartphones, laptops and drones. And not to forget the effect of “dieselgate”!

A range of 5 available products
En’ Safe® offers a concrete solution to manufacturers looking for a current collector able to improve the safety, performance and useful life of lithium-ion batteries. The collectors developed by ARMOR fulfil all of these requirements and can also be produced to order, tailor made to meet the specific needs of individual customers. Five customisable products without the additional costs of small production runs are now being marketed in Europe, North America and Asia.

En’ Safe® confirms its foothold in the American market
Between 11 and 13 September, the En’ Safe® team participated in The Battery Show, which took place near Detroit, Michigan. The "new tech" of Armor already has 13 customers in a country where the lithium-ion battery sector is supported both at the federal level and by states such as California, which has developed a programme for zero emission vehicles. The issue is also strategic in terms of the Chinese market. Working in partnership with cutting-edge laboratories, Armor is contributing its technological know-how to overcome the challenge.
A "new tech" that fully complies with ARMOR’s sustainable development objectives
Access to energy has been one of ARMOR’s key sustainable development objectives over the past 10 years. With its ASCA© film, developed by Armor Beautiful Light, the production of solar energy made its debut at ARMOR. Now the En’ Safe® current collectors provide the means of storing this green energy, with production intermittent.