Published on 20/06/2017

ARMOR Brazil raises CSR awareness

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Since 2007, ARMOR Brazil has been developing its business in the city of Manaus, where it now employs 44 people. This subsidiary of ARMOR places its action in the group's overall vision, which gives a central part to Corporate Social Responsibility. Including all the value chain components, this CSR project concerns also the suppliers of the company. There were all invited to a special Conference on 17 May 2017.
Supplier Conference: first time in Brazil
Organized by the team of Elis Conde, administrative manager of ARMOR Brazil, the Conference brought together some 20 companies. Among them, manufacturers of plastic, ink, adhesive rolls, or maintenance partners and transporters. All these suppliers are now familiar with the monitoring tool implemented by ARMOR since 2014, making it possible to evaluate their performance and especially to solve any problems they may encounter: delays, quality problems, documentation, response times, etc. The Conference was thus an opportunity to present all the results of the performances for the year 2016, and to return to the modalities of the evaluation. 

Meeting with the group ARMOR
This extraordinary conference gave the company the opportunity to highlight the Group's activities, its dynamism and its capacity for innovation. As Daniel Bruno (Expeditors - international carrier) testifies, "we had a very pleasant moment and received a lot of important information related to our long and lasting partner". The suppliers showed great interest in ARMOR's new technologies, which prove the Group's willingness to invest for the future. In addition to the business aspect, including new markets and key targets, the Group's values ​​and its ambition in Corporate Social Responsibility have been thoroughly presented. What does it mean to be a "responsible supplier"? How does CSR transform working methods? So many questions that interested the participants. "CSR is a new topic in Brazil," says Elis Conde, "but I think now many of our suppliers want to make it a reality in their own business. "

Aparecida Souza, working for Sovel da Amazonia (supplier of boxes), concludes on this constructive experience : "It was very interesting to know the other subsidiaries and activities of the Group, as well as its values and objectives. We also discovered how we can improve in some points our own production process, quality and service in all requirements requested by Armor."