Published on 02/05/2016

Armor creates a new industrial inks business

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For decorating, drawing or communicating, whatever it is used for, inks will in future be applied to surfaces made from ever more complex materials. They will also bring functions that are strategic for the development of new technologies in energy, electronics or air de-pollution. Armor's new business is a response to these new forward-facing challenges, by providing industrial customers with state of the art expertise in industrial inks for digital printing applications.
Armor is initiating a revolution in the inks market
For the first time, Armor is opening up its inks expertise to other industrial users. The Group is diversifying and launching a new business dedicated to the development and the production of high quality industrial inks. This is a response to the expanding demands of the market for inks, opening up to new applications in ever more extensive fields. This may for example include inks for industrial decors intended for printing on glass, for floor coverings or wooden furniture, as well as textiles. Armor's expertise offers solutions for high-tech materials like skis or heat shapeable items (helmets, phones, automotive parts, safety light units), as well as for digitally printing food packaging. Armor supports the development of state of the art technology bringing more flexibility and adding well qualified jobs. This is how digital printing has contributed to the "fast fashion" phenomena, an approach better suited to changing trends while protecting designer's industrial property through fast product range replacement, before low cost copies have had time to roll out. Other innovative applications over the medium term for Armor's new industrial inks include functional inks that are strategic in the fields of energy or cutting edge electronics. These high value added inks can be found, for example, in conductive inks intended for printed electronics, insulating inks or photo-catalytic ones that contribute to cleansing the air.

A "Made in Europe" project with a sustainable growth foundation
To complete this ambitious project, Armor has mobilised teams of chemists throughout Europe. Everyone has contributed to this success by bringing their own expertise at the ARMOR INKS LAB. R&D is led from France and Germany, while final inks formulation takes place in Germany, ready for manufacture at the Group's Polish facility, guaranteeing the highest quality inks along with large scale production capacities. This new business is the fourth pillar in the Armor Group's expansion. "This new business is the fourth pillar in the Armor Group's expansion. The company's ambition is to offer innovative technology grounded in sustainable growth. Digital printing is used to print "on demand", eliminating stocks and therefore encouraging material savings in colourings and substrates. We are aiming for very high growth markets, making available our world renown expertise in inks, our R&D that is resolutely targeted at sustainable growth and our production machinery that is immediately available. " explains Hubert de Boisredon, Armor's Chairman & CEO. The business has already kicked off with the first industrial partnerships in place at the start of 2016.
A natural diversification for Armor
Since 1922, Armor has specialised in inks chemistry. The first applications related to carbon paper and typewriter ribbons. In expanding its business, the Group has continually improved and expanded its expertise in inks, serving products and solutions: inks jet and laser printer cartridges, thermal transfer ribbons, current collectors for En’ Safe batteries, third generation photovoltaic films. Today, Armor is opening up its in-house expertise and R&D in inks to serve innovations by other industrial players, thereby opening the way for unprecedented new applications.