ARMOR Industrial Inks

Developing innovative inks for digital printing

The Industrial Inks Lab
Through ARMOR Industrial Inks, ARMOR designs, develops and produces high-quality industrial inks.

ARMOR responds to the growing demands of an inks market opening up to new applications: inks for industrial decorative printing on glass, wooden flooring, wooden furniture and large-scale textiles.

For more information about ARMOR Industrial Inks: www.a-2-i.com
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Inks supporting sustainable innovation
The guiding development principles at ARMOR Industrial Inks are based on the group's fundamentals: innovation and environmental protection.

All the inks are water based, providing them with excellent durability. Not only environmentally friendly, they are also safe for consumers and are therefore suitable for food packaging.

Digital printing enables "on-demand" printing, thereby eliminating stocks and creating savings in materials in terms of colors and print media. 
High-quality inks at the cutting edge of technology
An R&D program is underway on printing on non-porous, non-absorbent substrates such as PVC, PET, BOPP, LDPE and aluminum.

Highly technical industrial inks have strategic value to ensure the success of innovative applications in the fields of energy and advanced electronics.

These inks with high added value can, for example, be conductive (designed for use in printed electronics), insulating, or photo-catalytic to contribute to air depollution.
A European project and the fruit of ARMOR's know-how
ARMOR mobilized its teams of chemical engineers throughout Europe to develop this new business activity.

R&D is being coordinated from France and Germany with final ink formulation taking place in Germany and production in Poland, ensuring inks of superior quality underpinned by large-scale and immediately available production capacity.