Published on 08/03/2019

ARMOR invests in the development of new current collectors

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ARMOR has developed a range of current collectors for rechargeable (secondary) lithium-ion batteries. These batteries incorporate a positive electrode (cathode), a negative electrode (anode), an electrolyte separator and a current collector connected to each electrode. The function of the current collector is to conduct the flow of electrons between the active material of the electrode and the battery terminals. This component plays a key role in the functioning and performance of the battery (power density, useful life, etc.).
The collectors developed by ARMOR and marketed under the En’ Safe® brand are composed of ultra-thin aluminium or copper sheets coated with a special hi-tech film. The research work conducted to date has led to the development of a high-performance interface between the metallic current collector and the electrode, offering both protective and conductive functionalities.
ARMOR is striving to break new ground by offering coated collectors based on new chemistry to solve the problems of other battery technologies (all-solid-state, high potential and high energy density). The R&D work conducted by ARMOR will widen the existing spectrum of current collectors by offering products with even higher performance in terms of conductivity, adhesion and chemical resistance in order to cover all the battery and supercapacitor applications of existing and future generations.  The development of specific processes will enable new high performance and hi-tech products to be produced in an efficient and flexible manner.
This €6.5m project is being funded by ARMOR with the support of the Pays-de-la-Loire Region and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).