Published on 13/05/2019

ARMOR launches an ambitious offensive in the textiles market

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A specialist in the design and manufacture of thermal transfer ribbons dedicated to the printing of barcode labels, this spring ARMOR is expanding its range to cover the highly specific demands of the textiles market. After four years of R&D, the company is making the headlines by offering a comprehensive range of 10 labels made of different fabrics in addition to the thermal transfer ribbon, in order to meet the specific demands of the market.

The global leader in thermal transfer technology, ARMOR continues to expand and fine tune its product ranges. The group is therefore setting itself very ambitious and precise targets for the textiles market. After four years of R&D involving multiple departments of the company, a new generation of high-quality thermal transfer ribbon has been developed, named the AXR® TX.
ARMOR was determined to meet the demands expressed by market operators, by also offering the "structured label" printing receptors used in the industry.
A combined offering of ribbon + label
Carrying barcodes, size information, textile composition and cleaning instructions, these labels must provide reliable levels of resistance throughout the clothing life cycle (washing, ironing , etc.), while remaining non-sensitising on the skin of the wearer. Tests conducted internally and by independent laboratories have confirmed these properties*, leading to certification enabling them to be used in childcare products.
The range offered by ARMOR incorporates 10 printing substrates. In line with the demands of the textiles market, they are made of nylon (3), polyester (2) and satin (5) with variable properties: single or double-sided printing, treated to avoid curling up during washing, stain resistant and width sizes of between 10mm and 120mm.
The company has invested in specialist manufacturing facilities and training for its operators in order to be able to carry out the entire label production process (printing and cutting) at its plant in La Chevrolière, France.
An expert solution and a 1st in Europe
"This combined ribbon-label offering is a major and decisive development as it covers over 90% of market demand", states Yohann Froment, Marketing & Communications Director for the company's thermal transfer division, ARMOR Industrial Coding and Printing. "ARMOR now offers an expert solution that meets the demands of the large textile printing label producers, in addition to those of certain other operators - customers of ARMOR with limited experience of the demands of the textiles market seeking to make inroads with this major trump card. With innovation an integral part of our DNA, we have been able to mobilise our forces to get to grips with the highly specific functionalities and constraints of textile labels, developing a range which is immediately right at the forefront in Europe."/26>
* Oeko-Tex® certification