Published on 07/02/2018

ARMOR launches a kickstarter campaign for OWA Speaker

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How is born OWA Speaker's project ?

To spread the word aout 3D printing and the material offered by A3D. ARMOR 3D and designers from Bold work together through Leroy Merlin TechShop, initially on a project of kit for makers but it evolves into offering a finished product: the OWA Speaker. On receiving the first prototype in April 2017, the  final product is such a success that all the teams collaborating on the project decide to find a way of marketing it. A3D came up with a solution: innovate by seeking financing from an internet community via crowdfunding. By creating the campaign, the objective is to turn the project into a reality and for it to become the first of a long series of finished products incorporating ARMOR components and know-how.

Discover OWA Speaker video on our kickstarter page!

Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage, Director of A3D, explains: «It’s a highly pleasing object: its design, its hi-tech functionalities, its responsible aspects and «Made in France». The speaker can be repaired and dismantled and is evolutionary: impossible to get bored, you just have to order a new dome from among the forty available or by ordering a bespoke design to create the impression of having changed product. What’s more, the old dome can be recycled.»

Who are these products aimed at?

All those who love design, technology, music and who want to support circular economy should participate to become the first to own the speaker, or to ensure that the product arrives on the market!

How to take part to this campaign?

To support the project, you will need to make a minimum contribution of €5 and gifts will be distributed from contributions of €15. The first 300 to make a contribution of €149 or more will receive the OWA Speaker personalised with their favourite dome.
Note: If the project finance has not been raised in full by the deadline, all contributions will not be withdrawn.