Published on 26/10/2018


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The "Hulot storm" has swept away any certainties on our return from the summer break, causing the government to wobble among widespread grumbling. Yet we should not let any scepticism take hold as far as environmental matters are concerned. On the contrary, successful energy transition is now more of a priority than ever. If we wish to comply with the Paris Agreement and limit the average rise in temperature to 2°C, already a stiff challenge, we must achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. However, our current path is leading us to 4°C of warming, with irreversible consequences. We cannot ignore the urgency to act!
ARMOR is maintaining its course and is continuing to bank on the development of future technologies capable of accelerating energy transition and helping to transform a world with restricted reserves of fossil fuels. 
Yes, we are concerned about the environment and the impact we can have on it. We have even turned these very concerns into the catalyst of our industrial creativity. The magazine Sciences et Avenir emphasised this point in its article from the July issue dedicated to flexible solar technologies. The publication stressed that the ASCA® organic photovoltaic films are the only ones to be both very thin and flexible, features that open up a broad range of industrial applications.
With our continued commitment to tackling climate change, we have joined the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, set up by the Solar Impulse Foundation in November 2017. This will enable us to exploit the strength offered by partnerships. ARMOR has therefore teamed up with ADEME under the umbrella of the FIL’REC project.
At the same time, ARMOR is not forgetting its objective to remain a successful market leader in its historic sectors. The Group has just signed an agreement to acquire the thermal transfer ribbon business of the US firm Iconex, making ARMOR a market leader in the US, the world's biggest market for thermal transfer technology.  Lastly, ARMOR Office Printing is extending its offering by adding a new range of remanufactured copier consumables.

Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ARMOR