Published on 07/09/2018

ARMOR, new Board member of Global Compact France !

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Already a member of the Global Compact France since 2008, and recently an Advanced member in 2014, ARMOR now joins the Board of Directors of this UN organization.

The Global Compact brings together companies, organizations, UN agencies, professional entities and civil society around 10 universally recognized principles to build more stable and inclusive firms. By becoming a member of the Global Compact France Board, ARMOR participates fully in the definition and implementation of the organization's missions.

ARMOR joins the Board of Directors of Global Compact France

"By becoming a Board member of Global Compact France , ARMOR is continuing its societal commitment" said Hubert de Boisredon, CEO of Armor, who has put societal innovation in the center of his business model. Thus, ARMOR now plays an active role in the implementation of the strategic axes of the UN. The first is to support the signatories in the implementation of the 10 principles. Another axis is to promote the integration of Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs) into companies' strategies through partnerships. In addition, the Global Compact France aims to support companies in their diversity, in particular SMEs (Small or Medium Enterprises) and VSEs (Very Small Enterprises). Finally, the organization strives to be a platform for information and exchange of practices on corporate social responsibility.
ARMOR, an industrial company committed to sustainable development

ARMOR is strongly committed to contributing to the deployment of renewable energy solutions in the fight against climate change. The company has, for example, developed a photovoltaic film, ASCA©. 100% recovered and has also invested in circular economy with its OWA cartridge offering (remanufactured laser cartridges). Within its Thermal Transfer activity, ARMOR keeps on fulfilling its environmental commitment by having developed the SolFree process to manufacture solvent-free Thermal Transfer ribbons.  In addition, 100% of the Thermal Transfer film waste related to production is recovered rather than landfilled.
The Global Compact, a UN initiative for sustainable development

The United Nations’ Global Compact is the largest international voluntary initiative on sustainable development. Global Compact counts 76 local networks including the French one. Global Compact France, the country's official local relay, brings together nearly 1,200 companies including multinational companies like CARREFOUR, DANONE, EDF, L’OREAL et TOTAL and also more than 100 non-profit organizations. Like all signatory companies, ARMOR, when joined in 2008, committed itself to integrating the 10 principles into its strategy, organizational culture and operations.