Published on 26/05/2017

Armor places SDGs at the heart of its strategy

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17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be deployed over the next 15 years: this is the principle of Agenda 2030, adopted in September 2015 at the UN Sustainable Development Summit. Armor is placing these objectives at the heart of its strategy, designed to eradicate poverty, to protect the plant and guarantee prosperity for all. A member of Global Compact France, the Group presented its main operational and sustainable development themes during the tenth staging of the Produrable exhibition, held on 14 and 15 March 2017.
SDGs: a new challenge for economic development
Drivers of transformation and innovation, the SDGs are a natural extension of Armor's activities framed by its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. The group has selected the 10 most relevant SDGs for implementation of the project via 5 main areas of development: the circular economy, renewable energy, responsible traceability, relationships between employees and regional solidarity.
Mobilising the entire value chain in support of sustainable development
Companies must be fully committed if the SDGs are to be achieved. Armor is determined that its expertise will be used to the benefit of its social responsibilities, while retaining the objective of economic growth typical of all companies. Efforts are notably being made in the field of the circular economy, via cartridge recycling. As stated by Gerwald Van Der Gijp, Director of Armor Office Printing, "only 20% of cartridges worldwide are currently recycled." The Group's desire to promote access for all to renewable energy will be achieved via industrial-scale production of the flexible photovoltaic film, ASCA©.
Act together, for tomorrow
The objective of Global Compact France is to mobilise French companies, especially SMEs, to adopt all the themes of the Global Compact and the UN more widely. It is an initiative of support and advice to which all of its members subscribe. Armor will be continually mobilising its own ecosystem about the issue!