ARMOR Print Solutions

Reducing the environmental footprint of printing by offering responsible consumables

An industrial company positioned independently of the printer manufacturers, the comprehensive offering of ARMOR Print Solutions includes printing services, remanufactured consumables and semi-industrial inks

The European market leader in sustainable consumables and innovative print solutions, ARMOR Print Solutions offers turnkey alternative printing solutions ranging from consumables remanufactured via reuse to managed printing services, the collection of used cartridges and the production of semi-industrial inks. 
ARMOR Print Solutions has always invested in R&D and in its production facilities in order to guarantee, certify and prove the performance of its print solutions.  
With its expertise in the three main technologies (new inkjet, remanufactured inkjet and remanufactured laser) and supported by its circular economy brand, OWA, Armor Print Solutions has established a position of market leader in Europe. 

For more information about the OWA range of remanufactured cartridges and collection service: https://fr.armor-owa.com 
For more information about the DYALOG offering designed to simplify and manage printer fleets: https://www.mydyalog.com  

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The 100% circular printing solution
Through its range of printing solutions, ARMOR Print Solutions demonstrates a committed and pioneering positioning and strategic vision in terms of the circular economy.  
The company's responsible printing solutions include the OWA remanufactured cartridges and reconditioned printing equipment. These 2 offerings enable empty cartridges to be reused and faulty, damaged and unused printing equipment to be brought back into service. 
This is demonstrated by the OWA remanufactured toner being fully certified to Qualicert SGS, from production right up to full recycling. ARMOR Print Solutions is the only operator in the market to hold this certification issued by SGS ICS, the global market leader in certification, and accredited by COFRAC, the French accreditation commission.   
A one-stop shop
A genuine one-stop shop in the printings services market, ARMOR Print Solutions enables its customers to select a single supplier able to meet all their printing requirements: from print consumables to spare parts for printer repair, managed solutions and printer fleet monitoring. 
Certified industrial quality with no concessions

ARMOR Print Solutions makes no concessions when it comes to the quality and reliability of its print solutions. 
Its production plants are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. 
All production units have the latest technologies and cutting-edge instrumentation in order to measure quality at each and every stage – from design to component receipt and right up to the packing line.    
With the backing of its strategic partnerships, ARMOR Print Solutions offers solutions of high quality that respect patent protection and are technically innovative in order to offer alternative solutions to its users.