Published on 23/12/2020

ARMOR publishes its 10th Annual CSR Report

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In 2020, the industrial group ARMOR publishes its 10th annual CSR report. The company communicates in complete transparency the quantified progress achieved in 6 main areas, all directly inspired by the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations: governance & ethics, circular economy, renewable energy, responsible traceability, employee development and regional solidarity. This annual publication reflects the theme of socially responsible innovation which lays at the heart of the ARMOR business model, pervading all the Group's activities at all its sites. 

Socially responsible innovation as a business model
ARMOR has been publishing its progress through its CSR report for the past 10 years. Employing a quantified assessment methodology, the Group provides information in complete transparency to stakeholders (employees, investors, customers, suppliers…) on the progress (and occasionally shortfalls) against targets specified for each priority: governance & ethics, circular economy, renewable energy, responsible traceability, employee development and regional solidarity. The CSR report published in 2020 covers activities in 2019.
"At ARMOR, social responsibility is much more than just a corporate culture. Our commitment to serving society's challenges permeates throughout the Group; it is at the very heart of our business model. We call this commitment Socially Responsible Innovation", states Hubert de Boisredon.

In addition to the annual publication of the report, ARMOR has been implementing a CSR approach for 15 years now. The Group has been a signatory of the UN Global Compact since 2008 and a board member of Global Compact France since 2018. "Through our values (humanism, innovation, commitment and customer focus) and our actions, we are striving to demonstrate that industry is able to respect the environment and to contribute to the personal fulfilment of employees", declares Hubert de Boisredon, CEO of ARMOR.

The REC’PET waste recovering program in close-up
In the context of its Thermal Transfer activities, a business in which it is the global market leader, one of ARMOR's main objectives is to reduce and recover waste. ARMOR has therefore been running two special programs for a number of years now, namely REC’PET (production film waste) and REC’PET Partner (end user's old ribbons), with a conclusive test phase having been completed in the French market. Having established a dedicated collection and recovering system, REC’PET guarantees that used Thermal Transfer films will not be disposed of via the usual channels of landfill or incineration. 100% of waste collected under the REC’PET program is recovered. As stated in the last CSR report published by ARMOR, the waste is most frequently processed to replace the fossil fuels typically used by other industries (the SRF principle – Solid Recovered Fuel), or recycled to produce other plastic products, or incinerated to generate energy. With solid data from the test phase, in 2021 ARMOR will be working to introduce the REC’PET service in its main markets, with programs already operational in the USA and Asia.

Decentralized CSR Committee in Mexico
ARMOR has 28 logistics and manufacturing sites worldwide. For the Group, CSR is not an issue to be centralized at head office in France! The subsidiaries have therefore taken hold of the issue with determination. For example, ARMOR Mexico, one of the sites of the Thermal Transfer division, has established a decentralized CSR Committee to manage and coordinate its own voluntary social responsibility approach. The committee meets 4 times each year, produces action plans and measures progress. In 2019, for example, this led to the creation of a system for measuring the quality of employee relations, with corresponding improvement projects targeting well-being in the workplace. Annabelle Guillet, CSR Director at ARMOR, adds enthusiastically: "This decentralization of socially responsible innovation confirms that the Group has achieved global maturity in this area as the subsidiaries are implementing initiatives themselves. This amplifies the effectiveness of action taken on the ground."

Read the 2019 annual CSR Report by clicking on this link.