Published on 18/12/2017

ARMOR signs the French Business Climate Pledge’s commitment

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During the One Planet Summit co-organised by the UN and the World Bank, on Monday 11 December at the initiative of the president of the French republic, Armor’s CEO Hubert de Boisredon committed himself to the fight against climate change, alongside the CEOs of Danone, Schneider Electric, Saint-Gobain, Engie, Solvay and other companies.

Safeguarding the planet is at the heart of the ARMOR business model. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions constitutes an ongoing catalyst to innovation in the fields of the circular economy and renewable energies. ARMOR was almost the only mid-market signatory of the pledge among 90 large groups within the French economy, including Air Liquide, Engie, JCDecaux, Kering, Sanofi, Michelin, LVMH, Bouygues, Suez, Thales and Solvay.

For Jean-Pascal Tricoire, CEO of Schneider Electric:

«The challenge to combat climate change is a major catalyst for innovation. What is good for society around us is good for our companies. It is obvious that a company committed to a strategy of sustainable development has a greater chance of future survival than one that battles against the fundamentals.»


Hubert de Boisredon was one of the few signatories to make an address, alongside the managers of Schneider Electric and Solvay :

« We have created a flexible photovoltaïc film that is 30 times lighter than a traditional solar pannel. By developing this type of innovation, we believe that we can truly provide a response to the challenges of global warming.»

To listen the entire speech of Hubert de Boisredon (27:10) in French only.

The One Planet Summit: unity for effective action

Two years after the historic Paris climate agreement during COP21 the president of the French republic, the UN and the World Bank are currently rallying international leaders to accelerate implementation of the Paris agreement. The One Planet Summit brings together actors from public and private finance to offer tangible solutions to environmental challenges. The event is an opportunity for all co-signatories of the French Business Climate Pledge to present effective solutions in order to take action without delay.