Published on 13/07/2017

ARMOR takes part in the G7 Environment

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On June 11th and 12th, 2017, the G7 Environment Ministers met in Bologna to conclude a week of more than 70 events on climate and environmental issues. ARMOR was selected alongside two medium-sized companies, Schneider Electric and SPhere, to make its recommendations: those of an industrial group that has made environmental responsibility an engine of innovation and economic development.
   Eco-friendly innovation and disruptive technologies 
Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and CEO of ARMOR, reminded the assembly that his group places Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of its strategy. "We are strongly committed to eco-friendly innovation and disruptive technologies. Companies can have a strong impact on the long-term. The world is waiting for them to invest even more for the protection of the environment. " The flexible and low carbon photovoltaic film produced by ARMOR since 2016, ASCA©, is part of these breakthrough innovations that will revolutionize tomorrow’s industrial landscape. Thanks to ASCA©, it will be possible to give autonomous access to energy to all, transforming into a source of energy any surface exposed to any type of light. This new material, which is the only silicon-free and rare metals-free technology, joins all the eco-responsible innovations that we have launched in the logic of circular economy: remanufactured printing consumables, recyclable 3D filaments, OWA brand products, but also the En' Safe® collector, which increases the safety, performance, durability and cycle count of lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors.

Ecological transition, an opportunity for growth and employment
Asked about the ability of French industrial companies to maintain employment in Europe, Hubert de Boisredon stressed the importance of developing high-tech products. "We must be as innovative and high-tech as possible, so that the value produced benefits our countries in terms of employment, with respect for the environment. I'm not only talking about design, but also and above all about the production of these innovations. "With an investment of 60 million euros in 5 years for the R & D and production of the film ASCA© or the collector En' Safe®, ARMOR has already created 80 jobs on the territory. The introduction of new technologies is a source of employment and represents a fantastic hope for the French economy.
Contributing concretely to the welfare of humanity
ARMOR has been committed to the Global Compact since 2008 and, since 2014, it has been working hard to achieve its corporate social responsibility objectives. The group builds on the guidelines of the international standard ISO 26000, which defines how organizations can and should contribute to sustainable development. ARMOR is also labeled "Responsible Supplier Relations", which crowns the efforts implemented throughout the value chain. A concrete commitment to the well-being of all, whether in Western countries or in emerging countries, for whom the film ASCA©, for example, is a valuable tool for access to energy down to the last mile. But a commitment that will not be complete without the support of the states: "If we want our countries to make COP21 a reality, it is necessary that states provide financial support to innovative companies. These must become the levers of public policy in favor of the environment "concludes Hubert de Boisredon.