Published on 10/12/2021

ARMOR University celebrates its 10th anniversary

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Since 2011, ARMOR has been offering courses leading to qualifications at its internal university, located at the site in La Chevrolière, France. It therefore recognizes production roles in a constantly changing industrial environment. In 2021, ARMOR University celebrated its 10th anniversary and continues to enhance its courses providing employees with training in the industrial skills of tomorrow.

The central mission of ARMOR University is to enable employees to obtain official recognition of their professional expertise while developing their skill set. Since its founding in 2011, the university has always expanded its range of courses in line with the ever-changing technical demands of industrial roles. After multiple successful CIMA classes for automated machinery operators and TPI and TSPI classes for industrial production technicians, for a number of years now ARMOR has been offering 1-year CQP professional qualification certificates at the university for employees on training contracts. A total of 256 people have graduated from the university since its founding in 2011.

« Beyond the recognition of the professional achievements resulting from the experience of our employees and candidates for our training courses, our ambition is to strengthen their skills, in order to prepare them for tomorrow’s jobs » explains Christophe Derennes, Head of Operations and plant manager of La Chevrolière (France).

In December 2021, 12 CQP trainees signed up to ARMOR University for a 10-month course. The system is available to anyone with a professional diploma (CAP/BEP or equivalent) wishing to train as a production operator in the chemicals sector, with the objective of obtaining certification of a level equivalent to the high school diploma. Among the latest CQP class, 100% of students obtained their certificate and found work. 60% of them joined ARMOR. «Before joining ARMOR I had worked in the medical sector for 20 years, and knew nothing about jobs in industry. The CQP training provided by the university enabled me to retrain, to familiarize myself with machinery and to obtain a recognized diploma. It has been a wholly positive experience», states Frédéric, production operator in the grinding unit at ARMOR.

«I gained a lot from this course: I discovered the know-how of a highly computerized industry and learnt how to work in a team with cutting-edge equipment. I really appreciated the available support and monitoring from the tutor», adds Salim, a production operator in the ARMOR packaging unit.