Published on 05/07/2021

ARMOR wins the V.I.E. Entreprises Grand Prix

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On 1 July, ARMOR won the V.I.E. (In-Company International Volunteering) prize during an event organized by Business France, the Medef, outside business advisers and the V.I.E. Club. The ceremony took place in Paris, attended by Franck Riester, Minister delegated to the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. Winning the award in the mid-market category, it was a recognition of ARMOR’s V.I.E. policies.

Behind the V.I.E. Grand Prix is first and foremost a desire to give credit to companies for their exemplary use of this HR mechanism. At the heart of the project is the opportunity for French organizations to entrust a professional mission abroad to a young talent from the European Union.  
“Our V.I.E.s support local teams technically in processing our products in our subsidiaries. These projects are directed towards continuous improvement, increasing the company’s productivity through investment and support for subsidiaries.” Frédéric Thépaut, AICP Industry and Development Manager, who represented ARMOR during the ceremony on 1 July.

ARMOR’s victory in the mid-market category has been built since 2011 thanks to the implementation of our V.I.E. program and the involvement of former and current program participants, as well as support from Stéphane DENIOT (Data Management Engineer) and Théo ROSCIO (Management Apprentice) in putting the file together. From 2011 to 2013, Ronan LE PAIH carried out engineering missions within the context of his V.I.E. at ARMOR USA and ASIA and is currently a Subsidiary Support Technical Engineer at the La Chevrolière site. Victor FAVREAU, V.I.E. for ARMOR USA from 2018 to 2019, is now a Continuous Improvement and Projects Engineer at La Chevrolière. As for Juliette BERTHON, she is currently V.I.E. for ACC China and, in particular, has been involved in designing an industrial machine. 
“My one-year’s experience at the La Chevrolière site gave me the necessary know-how to carry out a V.I.E. placement for ARMOR in China. I’ve been able to attend industrial trials, support the local team on safety questions and become immersed in the culture of the country in order to develop good practices” Juliette Berthon, V.I.E. for ACC China.

The trust the group shows V.I.E. projects is fully part of its vibrant co-industrialization model. “I think that the V.I.E. program is a winner for the parent company, subsidiaries and for the young engineer. In this case, we have been able to take advantage of technical expertise and the experience of working together with colleagues from other countries”, Ryan Heitkamp, Vice President of Operations for ARMOR USA.