Armor's commitment to responsible supplier relationships

Find out how ARMOR is committed to develop balanced supplier relationships

Recognised Commitment

With its values of humanism, innovation, commitment and customer focus, ARMOR's commitment was recognized in 2018 by being appointed to the board of Global Compact France. ARMOR has been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2008. In 2014, ARMOR was awarded "Advanced" status and is one of the thirty French companies to have reached this level of maturity. ARMOR joined the board of the UN organization in 2018. The Global Compact brings together companies, organizations, UN agencies, the world of work and civil society around 10 universally recognized principles in order to build more stable and inclusive societies. By becoming a board member of Global Compact France, ARMOR fully participates in the definition and implementation of the organization's activities. 

Our Purchasing Approach

In the light of the strategic issues associated with Purchasing, ARMOR has structured its Purchasing policy and commitments around 4 main principles. 
Quality, Innovation & Continuous Improvement
We continually research and enhance the quality of raw materials, products and services in order to be able to meet our customers' needs.
We encourage our partners to innovate by exploiting their expertise and know-how, enabling us to jointly develop the products of tomorrow.
Overall Cost Approach
Identify the most economical solution in term of TCO.
The objective is to reduce our costs compared to the previous year in order to face more aggressive competition.
The Supplier Relationship
We create strong and durable supplier partnerships by underpinning our relationships with specific agreements.
Supplier relationships are strengthened by applying a code of conduct to ensure that all stakeholders comply with ethical practices.
Corporate Social Responsibility
We favour collaboration with partners who are committed to protecting the environment, controlling energy consumption, implementing progressive labour policies and playing an integral role in society. These commitments are reflected in an action plan based on our CSR issues and integrated in our CSR report.

Mediation service
ARMOR's long-term approach includes a Mediation Service available to suppliers should they  require assistance to settle any dispute that may arise during the course of our contractual relationships:  mediateur@armor-group.com

Balanced Purchasing Conditions
The basis of negotiation for our Purchasing team and Suppliers, the ARMOR General Terms & Conditions of Purchase, are designed to promote responsible and durable relationships.
View our General Terms & Conditions of Purchase

Day-to-Day Relations

Convinced that the full commitment of all stakeholders helps to establish and strengthen robust relationships, ARMOR places Supplier and Service Provider relations at the heart of its everyday activities:

 What is our long-term commitment to our partners?
ARMOR has confirmed its commitment by obtaining the RFR (Responsible Supplier Relationships) label in November 2015, becoming one of the first 5 mid-market companies in France to receive such recognition for the quality of its Purchasing processes vis-à-vis suppliers.  
View the Responsible Supplier Relationships Charter

What are the operational processes that apply between our companies?
View the ARMOR Code of Business Conduct

What process applies between ARMOR and its suppliers to ensure that invoices are settled on time?
View the Supplier Invoices Charter

ARMOR and its suppliers, a 360° relationship

Supplier assessment, from the ARMOR angle
ARMOR continually verifies that its supplier panel is able to meet its requirements and comply with its values.
Suppliers designated as strategic are assessed on an annual basis. However, you may request for such an assessment to be performed at any time.

What do our strategic suppliers think?
Every two years we ask our suppliers to assess the quality of their relationship with ARMOR.
The findings of this satisfaction survey are subsequently analysed and broken down into in-house improvement projects.
Just ask your usual Purchasing contact should you wish to receive a copy of the survey.