Published on 09/11/2017

ARMOR's CSR policy is translated into concrete actions

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" Corporate Social Responsibility… it's a topical issue. The subject was brought to the attention of the President of France on 26 October, when 245 parliamentarians from different parties launched an appeal to lead European initiatives in favour of a UN treaty to ensure that human rights are respected by multinationals*.
We have independently decided to place CSR at the very heart of our business model. We seek to apply its principles in our day-to-day activities with enthusiasm and clarity. Throughout the world, Armor strives to bring about energy transition and improve the working conditions of its employees while taking into account the specific environment in each country where we have a presence. In this letter you will discover how Armor Asia is adopting a pioneering stance for CSR by deploying measures designed to enhance both environmental protection and the well-being and safety of its employees.
For Armor, CSR is the cornerstone of our values of humanism, innovation, commitment and customer focus. CSR sets us on the path towards societal innovation. This is currently embodied by the launch of our new brand, inkanto. It is a logical extension of our business development, as is Armor Industrial Inks, which is working to formulate 100% environmentally friendly industrial inks that are also able to meet bespoke customer requirements. With its ecological properties, the development of our ASCA© photovoltaic film also falls under the umbrella of this grand CSR and societal innovation project, of which we are part. And it is as a company with a future-oriented solution that meets the demands of energy transition that we were invited to take part in the World Electronics Forum on 26 October this year.
In short, both CSR and societal innovation are an integral part of Armor's DNA!"

Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and CEO of ARMOR