Published on 13/02/2018

ASCA© used in an a organic bag made by a Brazilian start-up

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ARMOR has just agreed a new partnership with the Brazilian company "Flying to the Sun", a specialist in the development of projects that exploit organic photovoltaic energy. The first product from the collaboration: a solar bag incorporating ASCA© photovoltaic film.

A 100% recyclable product set to change attitudes
Lightweight and collapsible, the Kombucha Solar Bag incorporates two ASCA© photovoltaic modules directly integrated within an organic fabric, a plant-based leather made from a process similar to that used for the fermented tea named "kombucha".  "We must start to reduce the impact of our products on the planet", stresses Vénétia Santos, the boss of Flying to the Sun. "To achieve this we must start by selecting organic fabrics in order to make everyday objects sustainable." It is an approach that has naturally led the company to select the ASCA© photovoltaic film, which is not only free of silicon and rare metals but offers the highest levels of quality and performance.
Innovation supporting mobility
Equipped with a USB port which is itself connected to an external battery, the Kombucha Solar Bag can store the solar energy collected by the photovoltaic films integrated within the bag, for charging a phone or powering a light source. A "smart" bag, soon compatible with a new telecommunication network called "UNB radio", that consumes less energy than GSM. It is developed by the operator from Toulouse Sigfox, with whom Flying to the Sun has just signed a partnership.

"This 'solar' bag is one of the development projects being pursued under the Asca Mobility programme, designed to promote ASCA© with the support of our dedicated engineering department, Asca© Solutions Lab. The objective of this programme is to provide support to businesses seeking to functionalise everyday objects, transforming them into potential solar chargers or emergency solar kits", says Moïra Asses, Marketing & Business Development Projects Manager of the entity. After the creation of the Solar Bag and Solar Set launched by the Beautiful Light Factory in Spring 2017, the Kombucha Bag has opened up a new channel of innovation in support of mobility solutions.

A subsidiary of ERGON Projetos, Flying to the Sun works on projects involving street furniture and photovoltaic charging stations and in the field of organic fabrics, in collaboration with Biotecam and the NGO Warka Water-Brasil. A massage sandals project using PV film is also being analysed. Flying to the Sun exhibited its solutions at the Interface-Interlace Exhibition at Museu Amanhã in Rio de Janeiro between July and November 2017.