Published on 30/03/2022

ASCA lights up the Novartis Pavilion

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As the Novartis Pavilion in Basel, Switzerland, opens in spring 2022, organic photovoltaics (OPV) expert ASCA and its partners are putting the finishing touches on the digital media facade of this building dedicated to scientific learning. In total, ASCA designed, produced, and installed a 1,300m² custom-made net-like membrane of OPV modules to power thousands of LEDs. The first energy self-sufficient media facade thanks to OPV is born!
In collaboration with the design studio iart ag and the architectural firm AMDL Circle, the interior and exterior facades of the Novartis building are covered with ASCA® modules in the shape of diamonds and triangles of various sizes. Designed to follow the curves of the ring-inspired structure, the OPV modules supply the media façade with energy from direct and indirect light sources. It then comes to life thanks to the 30,240 LEDs that compose the façade, allowing the diffusion of luminous animations, created by the artists of the Atelier Brückner. 
Moïra Asses, ASCA's Senior Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, comments: "We manufactured over 12,000 custom ASCA® modules for this project. Placed at the center of the creation process of the media facade, they form a double skin that perfectly follows the curves of the Pavilion while meeting the energy needs of the light effects. This was a major challenge for ASCA, and its success was guaranteed by the mobilization of our multidisciplinary teams spread between France and Germany."
The building has already received a prize at the “Media Architecture Biennale” in the “Future Trends & Prototypes” category.
A member of the jury explains: “In this project, two existing technologies - LEDs and solar panels - are combined in a completely innovative way, introducing a new technology. A light source that produces electricity at the same time is what media architecture has been waiting for, due to the persistent criticism about the energy consumption of all building lighting and displays."
The Novartis Pavilion is currently being finalized and should be officially inaugurated in the spring 2022, in celebration of the company's 25th anniversary. The new building has been designed as a meeting place dedicated to learning and reflection on health and the future of medicine.
Jörg Reinhardt, Chairman of the Board of Directors, says: “By inviting the public to engage in dialogue in the Novartis Pavillon, we are strengthening our commitment and interaction with society as a whole and especially with the local community. We want to create transparency by encouraging exchanges and learning from each other.”