Published on 11/12/2017

Citigami, a card that lights up thanks to the ASCA© photovoltaïc technology

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Citigami is a fun and decorative concept, a souvenir card with customisable and interchangeable decorations using French technologies. It is a poetic way of making children of all ages aware of modern-day issues and the solar technologies of the future. 

A winner at the 2017 Lépine Awards, the Citigami card is the new concept of a cardboard illuminated setting powered by solar energy. 
Created by our partner Litogami, it is also available from the following outlets: Artazart, Le Genre Urbain, La Cité De L’Architecture, La Boutique Des Inventions, Bdnet, Trema, Le Merle Moqueur, Le Divan et Folie d’Encre. Go to www.litogami.com for further information about the creator of Citigami.

How does Citigami work?
Open the envelope, take out and unfold Citigami, then place it next to a light source ­ a window or artificial lighting: the 18 LEDs will light up alternately. The decoration affixed to the front has small perforations to let the light pass through, producing a sparkling Eiffel Tower. It can be customised with a message or picture.

​It is guaranteed to work for 5 years without interruption. With no battery, the card lights up by using artificial light or daylight thanks to the photovoltaic film, ASCA©. Recommended retail price: 17.90 euros.
If you would like one, you can place an order directly online!

"Although business greetings cards mainly continue to be sent digitally, certain less conventional messages are able to produce a special effect via an otherwise commonplace gesture. This is precisely the case [...] with such atypical creations that reflect the spirit of the recipient while promoting the commitment of French companies inspired by an ecological and responsible business approach. This has been achieved by the company Litogami, which has created an original design - Citigami." Excerpt from the Le Figaro.fr website.

 Go to www.asca.com to obtain further information on the ASCA© photovoltaic technology.

To find out more about our partner Litogami and the values and commitments of its founder, Marc Lebas, read the article published on the 24presse website (French only).