Published on 17/05/2018


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En' Safe® battery collectors are being used in markets around the world, which is why ARMOR Films for Batteries personnel have been taking part in various international trade shows, including:
Battery Japan 2018, the largest trade fair for battery manufacturers, held in Tokyo;

China International Battery Fair, held every two years in Shenzhen, China;
The Battery Show Europe in Hanover, Germany;

The Battery Show US in Detroit, USA.

These exhibitions enable us to meet potential customers, to review progress with existing customers and to consolidate our links with other partners. Furthermore, 5 new products have now been added to the En’ Safe® range. They offer effective solutions for the new battery technologies developed by different market operators in order to improve the safety, performance and useful life of lithium-ion batteries. The collectors developed by ARMOR have the particular feature of being produced to order to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Thierry Dagron, Business Development Manager, explains:

Most visitors in the early years were simply discovering the existence of our technology, whereas now we are meeting more and more professionals who are already well aware of the En’ Safe® products and who are benefiting from our presence in the market to present their issues and are confident that we are able to provide them with the solution they are looking for.

Alongside the interest shown by our personnel in the Asian and American markets, Europe is becoming an increasingly strategic region for ARMOR. Firstly, automobile manufacturers such as BMW, Volkswagen and Renault are expanding their range of electric vehicles. And secondly, European policies are encouraging manufacturers to create an ‘Airbus for batteries’ to compete with the Asian giants currently dominating this market.
Consequently, we are seeing that the batteries market has significant development potential: the outlook is rosy for ARMOR!