Published on 13/07/2017

The French mid-market company ARMOR continues its international expansion

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The global market leader in Thermal Transfer ribbons, ARMOR is currently strengthening its international presence by opening a new unit in Canada. Armor Industrial Coding and Printing (AICP), the company's division specialising in coatings on thin film, has 15 subsidiaries and sales offices and has enjoyed 50% growth over the past 10 years. Its standing in the market is rooted in the Group's DNA: innovation driving growth supported by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) permeating its day-to-day activities.

ARMOR innovates for its clients worldwide

Based on a model of co-industrialisation through which the Group's international expansion is the driving force behind the development of the production unit in France, ARMOR offers expert responses to its customers' needs. The safety of people and goods ensured by product traceability is one of the Group's central objectives. Specialising in inks used in barcodes, the company has developed new traceability tools capable of supporting the third industrial revolution, such as the AXR®EL ribbon for the traceability of electronics products. ARMOR R&D has also developed the AXR®TX ribbon, specially designed for printing variable data on the structured labels used in the textile industry.

Consolidation in India, investment in Canada 

In the spring of 2017, ARMOR India opened a new plant four times the size of the first site, demonstrating the Group's commitment to meet the demands of the Indian market. The state-of-the-art installations notably increase the site's production and storage, offering the highest level of quality and service. This month it's the turn of ARMOR South Africa to expand - in addition to having already doubled in size between 2014 and 2015. In the interests of securing a constantly high quality of service by introducing stock for same-day dispatch, alongside the need to optimise the production line to support its success and growth ambitions in Sub-Saharan Africa, ARMOR South Africa will be moving into a larger and more modern finished product slitting site. Within the same context of international expansion, on 3 July ARMOR also opened a new Thermal Transfer ribbon slitting subsidiary near Toronto. Active in North America since 1999, based in Cincinnati, the Group is offering the most complete range available in the Canadian market, including same-day production and dispatch for Preferred Partners and technical support in the field, supported by a sales team led by Barry Bowsher.

CSR knows no frontiers

The dynamism of AICP is also a function of the effective implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility, a policy to which ARMOR is fully committed. ARMOR India has also become the latest Group site to obtain triple certification for Quality (ISO 9001), Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001) and Environment (ISO 14001). Whether in the USA, China, Singapore, Brazil or Morocco, the local teams constantly strive to improve working and safety conditions, calling on the commitment of all employees. The entire value chain is also involved via multiple initiatives. For example, in May 2017 ARMOR Brazil invited all its suppliers to a conference on the implementation of CSR within the Group, and the ARMOR Technical Club (ATC) organised by AICP regularly brings together a large number of customer-partners within the framework of collaborative continuous improvement. This year the ATC held meetings in China and India, soon to be followed by Mexico, Brazil and Japan.