Published on 29/05/2018


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You have a flat mobile phone battery at Roland Garros? Make your way to the mobile photovoltaic station developed by Engie Innovation fitted with ASCA© solar film. A flexible, lightweight and low-carbon photovoltaic solution for all the spectators at Roland Garros 2018, who will be able to recharge their smartphone whenever they want!
Recharging your smartphone without missing the match
The smartphone photovoltaic recharging station is located next to Court 18. It takes the form of a cart similar to the traditional Information Point used by the FFT (French Tennis Federation). So what's so special about it? Its dome is covered with ASCA© organic photovoltaic film. Throughout the day the film captures and transforms solar energy, recharging external batteries. These small format batteries - also known as power banks - are then made available to spectators for hire, enabling them to recharge their smartphone while still being able to move around and follow the matches.
An innovative and green photovoltaic technology
ASCA© organic photovoltaic film was developed by the industrial group Armor. 100% recyclable, it contains neither rare nor toxic components. It is both lightweight (450g/m2) and flexible, enabling it to adapt easily to any type of substrate, such as the recharging station dome in this case. It is also a low-carbon solution thanks to the very low energy requirements of the production process. On top of the dome there are dozens of solar sets composed of the film, which are juxtaposed like tiles.
Armor, winner of the call for proposals issued by Engie
This photovoltaic station was developed under the call for proposals issued by Engie in late 2017. The market leader in energy transition was looking for a partner able to offer an innovative solution for recharging the smartphones of spectators attending the 2018 French Open Tennis at Roland Garros.
Engie was looking for a mobile recharging station in the image of the energy of the future: decentralised, independent, communal and green. Engie and Armor, deeply involved in sustainable innovation, subsequently established a partnership, with tangible results that now directly benefit spectators at Roland Garros.