Published on 19/07/2017


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On 5 July this year in Bercy, the R3ilab network of non-technological innovation in the textile, fashion and flexible composites industries presented a number of open-innovation projects for the textiles of tomorrow, promoted under the banner of "ambitious industry". Among these projects, supported by the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry, was a garden seat 3.0 combining the expertise of the high-end textile manufacturer Garnier-Thiebaut, the Société Choletaise de Fabrication, Structures, AD Confection, the designer Amaury Poudray and Armor, with its ultra-light flexible photovoltaic film, ASCA©. The result: a modular and mobile concept equipped with an independent source of energy – the furniture of tomorrow!    
Open innovation and transversal thinking
R3ilab promotes the coming together of creative designers and companies presenting mature yet innovative technologies. Among these companies, top names such as Hermès, Lectra, Solvay, Philips Lighting, Prodways and Le Slip français came together for round table discussions, to which Armor was also invited. With its flexible and low carbon photovoltaic film, ASCA©, the group has become part of a transversal project combining different state-of-the-art French technologies. The project was conducted in partnership with Garnier Thiebault, a textile manufacturer with an illustrious 200-year history, the company SCF (luxury weave artisans), the sewing workshop AD Confection, the company Structures, which specialises in research into technical lighting solutions, and the designer Amaury Poudray (sarl NETWORKS), an expert in furniture and interior design.

Garden seat 3.0: people, nature and technology
This combination of forces has led to the creation of an innovative garden seat 3.0. Its base is a wooden structure partly covered in TILES – a Garnier Thiebault textile incorporating 3rd generation photovoltaic films by Armor –
 including lighting by Structures, and finishings and a strap-based seat by SCF. Stitching was carried out by AD Confection. The honeycomb concept is able to adopt different shapes and sizes. Mobile and with an independent source of energy, the garden seat 3.0 enables social situations to be recreated in all kinds of natural settings. The furniture incorporates its own lighting and will in the future be able to charge electronic devices.
Armor, an industrial partner offering mobility and energy independence for the 3rd millennium
Having presented autonomous and mobile interactive street furniture in February 2017, in partnership with JCDecaux, Armor continues to exploit its flexible and ultra-light ASCA© film made from recyclable low carbon materials in order to promote innovation and mobility. In association with partner resellers via the Beautiful Light Factory portal, the company has also launched a range of hi-tech corporate gifts incorporating the ASCA© film. Designed to assist users on the move, these three accessories (bag, pouch and solar kit) are becoming indispensable at a time when the constant ability to recharge batteries is a major issue of the connected era. "Generation 1.0 of the ASCA© films enables all individual users to meet their requirements for an independent source of energy. We are starting with the recharging of mobile phones, but subsequently the number of potential applications is immense", emphasises Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman & CEO of Armor.