Governance of ARMOR

Industrial Capital Management and Innovation at ARMOR

Exécutive committee


Hubert de Boisredon
Chief Executive Officer

Christophe Derennes
Chief Operating Officer

Tino Bocciolini
Sales and Marketing Director of ARMOR Industrial Coding and Printing

Marc Jacobs
Human Resources Director

Wouaïd Nouri
Chief Financial Officer

Managers partners


Chris Walker
America area Director of ARMOR Industrial Coding and Printing

Mark Day
Worldwide Sales Director of ARMOR Industrial Coding and Printing

Industrial Capital Management and Innovation at ARMOR

The ARMOR management team holds the majority of ARMOR's capital. It has opted for a long-term development strategy based on the values of humanism, innovation and industrial development.

The Industrial Capital Management and Innovation structure combines social and shareholding capital models structured around the spirit of a family-owned business. This model is based on significant financial commitment by the management team, on the opening up of the company's capital to all employees and on the support of investment funds which believe in the project and are prepared to back it over the long term. Since 2015, more than 350 employees of the group have also become shareholders.

The Industrial Capital Management and Innovation structure of ARMOR has received the backing of new investors, including Arkéa Capital Partenaire, Ouest Croissance, Siparex and Amundi Private Equity Funds, joined by Unexo in 2018.

Long-term development with the commitment of the entire workforce

From the model of the family-owned business, ARMOR has retained the concept of time and continuity. The goal is to grow sustainably with investments that may be designed to yield returns many years in the future. ARMOR defines itself as a human company that 
is built on the commitment and know-how of all its personnel. Senior managers strive to develop an approachable management style.

From the shareholder model, ARMOR has retained the requirement to generate profits to secure the future and the necessity of regular and transparent communication with its financial partners. The ARMOR profitability model is based on sustained investment in support of consistent and determined growth made feasible via a growing presence in international markets.