Governance of Armor

ARMOR controlled by its management team within the new CMII structure (industrial and innovation capital management corporation).

ARMOR controlled by its management team

Hubert de BOISREDON and the ARMOR management team hold the majority of the capital. They have opted for a long-term development strategy based on the values of humanism, innovation and industrial development. The acquisition in April 2014, consolidated in 2018 was structured around the new CMII form (industrial and innovation capital management corporation). It is supported by new investors, including Arkéa Capital Partenaire, Ouest Croissance, Siparex, Amundi Private Equity Funds, joined by Unexo in 2018.

The selected structure of a CMII (industrial and innovation capital management corporation) combines social and shareholding capital models structured around the spirit of a family-owned business. This model is based on significant financial commitment by the management team, on the opening up of the company's capital to all of the employees and on the support of investment funds which believe in the project and are prepared to back it over the long term. Since 2015, over 300 employees of the Group are also shareholders.

Long-term development with the commitment of the entire workforce

From the model of the family-owned business, ARMOR has retained the concept of time and continuity. The goal is to grow sustainably with investments that may be designed to yield returns many years in the future. ARMOR defines itself as a people-focused company which calls on the commitment and expertise of its entire workforce. Senior managers intend to develop a highly approachable management style.
From the shareholder model, ARMOR has retained the requirement to generate profits to secure the future and the necessity of regular and transparent communication with its financial partners. The ARMOR profitability model is based on sustained investment in support of consistent and determined growth made feasible via a growing presence in the emerging markets.

 Introduction of the management team

After gaining his degree from the HEC school of management in 1986, rather than completing national service or being volunteer in a banking or industrial group, Hubert de BOISREDON took the alternative public service option to help a developing country: Chile. He worked there on a volunteer basis at the Banco del Desarollo, where he set up and managed Chile's first venture capital company and subsequently founded Contigo, a microcredit organisation inspired by the example set by the future winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Mohammed Yunus.
He subsequently spent 11 years working for Rhône-Poulenc Chemicals (renamed Rhodia in 1998), initially as Marketing & Sales Manager for the Diphenols & Inhibitors division, then as Deputy General Manager at Rhodia Japan, followed by Vice President Asia for the Pharma & Agro division, and finally Global Director of the Pharmaceutical Ingredients division. In 2004 he joined the ARMOR Group as CEO, and subsequently Chairman & CEO since 2008.
Hubert de BOISREDON promotes social innovation within the Group, guided by a humanist vision embracing sustainable development for the company, management style bases on trust and improved working conditions for its employees. He bases ARMOR's development strategy on the internationalisation of the Group, incorporating the reduction of its environmental footprint, the circular economy and the transition towards cleaner energy through organic photovoltaic film and films for batteries.
Hubert de BOISREDON is also a member of the supervisory board of the Lacroix Group and a member of the National Midcaps Committee at MEDEF.

Holder of a DEA (postgraduate diploma) from the Université de technology de Compiègne (industrial process engineering) and a graduate of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes d'Ingénieur (chemical engineering). With a passion for both people and technique, Christophe DERENNES was firstly Production Manager, then Industrial Director at La Lainière de Roubaix. In 1997, he accepted the post of Industrial Director (Cotton) at Groupe Lemoine, where he was Site Manager until 1999. He then worked for the Prod'Hygia Group (1999-2002) as Factory Director, prior to joining the Armor Group – initially as Production Director, then as Thermal Transfer industrial Director and currently as Director of the Thermal Transfer Industrial and Expertise Centre.

A graduate of the IUT de Nice in Marketing Techniques (top of class), Tino BOCCIOLINI has 30 years' experience at ARMOR Group, having held a wide range of commercial and marketing posts. Since 2002, he has been in charge of Commercial and Marketing Management for Armor Industrial Coding and Printing (Turnover of €100 M), with worldwide coverage via eight subsidiaries, four of which are involved in production.

A graduate of the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales, Marc JACOBS has 30 years' experience in administrative and financial posts in the international environment, within industrial and commercial companies and at corporate and holding level. Having held several high-level posts in the Financial and Management Control divisions of international groups both in France and elsewhere, he joined the SEB Group in 1995 as Administrative and Financial Director, before becoming the Group's Director General in Germany. In 2001, he moved to Manitou BF as Financial Director. He has been Administrative and Financial Director at ARMOR Group since 2005.

Wouaïd NOURI joined Rhodia, the chemical specialities group, with a Masters in Physico-Chemical Process Sciences and Techniques and a DESS (postgraduate diploma) in Business Management in hand. After having held responsible posts in management control in a range of the Group's businesses in France and in the United States, in the fields of perfumery and pharmaceutical products, he came to ARMOR Group in 2005, in the post of Director of Management Control and Consolidation.

Graduating from Darlington College of Technology, Chris WALKER worked in  retail banking for five years. He then moved to the Paper and Packaging industry, holding several management positions in operations and product development. In 1990, Chris established ARMOR UK which he joined as Sales Manager, progressing to Managing Director in 1994. Chris has been VP & General Manager of ARMOR USA since it was established in 1999, he is responsible for the Americas operations including sites in Cincinnati, Brasil and Mexico.

Mark DAY has over 25 years’ experience in sales & marketing. Having gained extensive commercial experience with Philips Electronics (1988 – 1994), Mark joined ARMOR UK in 1996 as Senior Sales Manager with responsibility for UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and South Africa, becoming a Director of the UK subsidiary in 1998. Since 2006, he has been responsible for Armor Industrial Coding and Printing activity throughout the Asian region. Based in Singapore, he leads 3 production subsidiaries (Singapore, China and India) and supports 7 regional offices throughout the region.