Published on 27/06/2018


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Between 11 and 15 june 2018, Hubert de Boisredon answered questions from Stéphane Soumier, the presenter of the programme «la Fabuleuse French Fab» on BFM Business.
This daily programme strives to promote French Fab, namely the movement of French industrial companies that «create employment, pursue growth and are re-inventing themselves», of which ARMOR has been a member since March 2018.
Every day for one week, a CEO of a member company of French Fab is questioned about five themes that are identical for all interviewees: objectives, regionality, employment, the world and the dreams of the CEO. Hubert de Boisredon was therefore given the opportunity to explain the principle of co-industrialisation and to present all of ARMOR’s strengths.

He also spoke about the employees joining the group:

What strikes me is the search for meaning among the young people who want to join our group. They are striving to achieve a coherent lifestyle and ARMOR is able to provide meaning to this desire, thanks to its commitment to sustainable development, responsible printing and the circular economy. It is the industry of the future that really speaks to young people. They are fully aligned with our values.

To the question «Do you have a dream?», Hubert de Boisredon replied:

I have a big dream, namely of seeing industry becoming fully rehabilitated in France as it is at the very roots of the entire economy. We produce 5,000 km of film each day for Thermal Transfer ribbons, just imagine what we could achieve if we could do the same with thin photovoltaic films to cover all of the roofs in France, or even the world. […] We could create thousands of jobs, which is why I call on the government to commit itself alongside us. Energy transition is now within reach, as is successful implementation of the Paris climate agreements, if only we get right behind them.