Published on 06/11/2017

inkanto: a new and enchanting brand

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Its name is inkanto – the new brand of Thermal Transfer ribbons from Armor, revealed at Label Expo Europe on 25-28 September 2017. It is a small commercial and marketing revolution for the historic business of Armor (AICP), which sells a significant proportion of its volumes as customer own brands, and the remainder in neutral packaging. After more than 18 months of collaboration with all ARMOR departments involved in this strategic project the inkanto brand was born, accompanied by a colourful and highly dynamic visual identity. 
Creating loyalty among AICP customers and their own customers in turn

The expansion of AICP outside Europe, notably via new production subsidiaries, and the desire among its partners to have additional means of retaining their clients, prompted Armor to develop a new identity for its range of Thermal Transfer ribbons. As explained by Yohann Froment, AICP Marketing & Communications Director, "The main objective of our initiative is to retain our position as global market leader by creation a special relationship with our products. The inkanto brand has a visible and sufficiently differentiated identity to be able to create loyalty among our customers and their own partners in turn." 
A range of new services 

The launch of inkanto is supported by a brand new range of services. Now every inkanto ribbon is delivered with an online certificate of conformity which the customer or user may download via a flash code on the label, accompanied by a technical contact form. All inkanto ribbons come with a lifetime warranty which reflects the confidence Armor is seeking to transmit to its partners and users regarding the quality of its products. The brand is also being rolled out with a visual identity making it easier to identify the ribbons, and the packaging rules have also been rationalised and simplified. Even the sample range has been revised, with each ribbon being presented in practical designer packaging. Samples can be provided individually or as part of a kit presenting the entire range of inkanto ribbons. Finally, the customer extranet and the AICP website have been upgraded to enhance the new dynamism of the brand.

Quality, reliability, innovation

The new brand therefore complies with all of Armor's demands and values: quality, reliability and innovation, combined with customer satisfaction, commitment, leadership, spirit of partnership and adaptability. Rolled out via all channels – including a small and entertaining presentation module – the brand has been launched by all AICP international subsidiaries (India, Singapore, USA, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico and South Africa). The inkanto range will be available worldwide from early 2018, depending on the operational capabilities in each region. 

To learn more about inkanto: www.inkanto.com
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