Published on 05/07/2017


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Unlike solutions such as Managed Print Services (MPS) offered by printer manufacturers, OWA Print Services is a new solution requiring no change of equipment which enables companies to quickly enjoy the benefits of MPS with an immediate average savings of 30%. 
Durable MPS without constraints
After installing a lightweight and secure software on the company's network, the OPS team will take over responsibility for managing the client's equipment, dispatching consumables on a just-in-time basis and triggering technical maintenance if necessary to repair printers. This is invoiced on a service basis at the end of each quarter, covering all the equipment under contract.

In addition to the classic advantages of MPS, each client will benefit from all the advantages of the OWA brand (high quality remanufactured products, integrated collection service and issue of a materials report). Finally, the OPS contract is flexible. It allows equipment changes to be made seamlessly, thereby optimising the useful life of the printers in full compliance with the philosophy of the OWA brand.
OWA Print Services : new perspectives for ARMOR
The OWA Print Services range is designed for all SMEs with more than 10 printers and is offered by our network of partner-resellers. This managed services range also opens up a whole new set of resellers to ARMOR from the IT world, which historically have not sold consumables but are interested in offering this printing solution alongside their range of managed services. The principal attraction for the reseller lies in the fact that Armor performs the entirety of the service on behalf of the partner, which simply has to re-invoice its customer and develop the commercial relationship.

Did you know?
Today numerous companies still do not know the real cost of their printing, which can account for up to 3% of revenue. IT departments devote a lot of resources to maintain and adapt their printing equipment, and employees waste time managing consumables (stocks, orders, etc.). MPS is designed to offer budgetary visibility, ongoing equipment monitoring and, above all, free up the company and its employees from the constraints associated with equipment and consumables administration.
To enjoy the benefits of MPS, up to now a company or reseller has had to go via a printer manufacturer's offer. The MPS market is in fact dominated by manufacturers, which take advantage of these offers to place equipment which is frequently over-specified, frequently tying clients to restrictive long-term contracts. Companies: set yourself free, with OWA Print Services by ARMOR!

To find out more: www.owa-print-services.fr

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