Published on 16/04/2019


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Managed Print Services (MPS) is the future of office printing. But it is often inaccessible for small and medium-sized companies. In 2019 ARMOR is progressing in this market: OWA Print Services is offering a new range of services with a high level of adaptability to the specific needs of individual companies.

MPS is making great strides. It is predicted to grow by about 30% between 2017 and 2020. But many companies are still hesitating to make the move. Although delegating print services enables companies to pool issues relating to the supply of consumables and machine maintenance, it is sometimes viewed as something of a 'luxury' only feasible for large groups.
In practice, this type of contract is frequently based at the outset on full replacement of the fleet of printers. It is a real barrier, both economic and administrative, and with the negative ecological impact of scrapping fully-functional machines! – one which the OWA Print Services offering is able to avoid. Highly sensitive to these very tangible realities faced by companies, especially small companies, OWA Print Services is seeking to offer them all the benefits of managed print services without forcing them to replace their machines.
A range of services that meets consumer needs
With the benefit of its historic presence in the market and its expertise in the production of multi-brand consumables, ARMOR offers companies access to managed printing, regardless of their size.
The range of services developed by OWA Print Services has therefore been structured to meet the most specific of needs:
- OWA PRINT ACCESS is a monthly fixed fee covering printers, consumables and maintenance, tailored to the needs of small entities: very small businesses, tradespeople and independent professionals. The all-inclusive package also offers an online configurator (www.owa-print-access.com) to help the customer select their printing package in line with their own needs.

- OWA PRINT VALUE is the option that immediately and simply opens up access to print services for SMEs. Adapted to the existing fleet of printers, this option includes automated consumables delivery and printer maintenance services, but retains invoicing based on cartridge consumption.
- OWA PRINT SERVICES offers companies a comprehensive range of services. Because they are not forced to replace their printers, this complete delegation of printing management (consumables, maintenance and advice) enables all companies to immediately enter into a contract (cost per page) in order to rapidly reduce their printing costs (-30% on average) and to benefit from an optimum overview of their budgets.
ARMOR is accelerating the spread of a new business model for printing
Having adopted a novel market positioning vis-à-vis that of the printer manufacturers, and true to its fundamental commitment to the circular economy, ARMOR has set the tone for developing the MPS market. It is the company’s objective to stimulate real change in the business model of office printing.
Some twenty partner networks are already disseminating the OWA Print Services offering in France, recruiting new customers every day. At the same time, OWA Print Services is launching an offensive in northern Europe by establishing a sales representative in the Netherlands.

More informations : https://fr.armor-owa.com/managed-print-services