Published on 17/05/2019

Photovoltaic: ARMOR and Opvius join forces

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ARMOR and OPVIUS announce the signing of a Letter of Intent to merge OPVIUS development, integration and marketing activities for flexible organic photovoltaic films with those of ARMOR. A major joint objective: to pool know-how in order to become the global benchmark company in flexible organic photovoltaic technology. The new entity would combine the French mid-market company ARMOR's industrial production capacity for ASCA® film (1 million m2 per annum - the highest in the world) with the organic photovoltaic film integration experience of the German company OPVIUS, as demonstrated by its numerous application projects. The two companies have set a deadline of July 2019 to negotiate the takeover.
"This Franco-German merger would unquestionably create the global market leader in flexible organic photovoltaic film. ARMOR has the largest production capacity in the technology and OPVIUS enjoys extensive experience integrating film within real applications. Lightweight, flexible and free of rare metals, the ASCA® solar film opens up a whole array of innovative application possibilities. This is excellent news for the future of the solar energy sector", explains Hubert de Boisredon, CEO of ARMOR.
This acquisition of OPVIUS will enable ARMOR to accelerate the roll-out of its organic photovoltaic film activity.
ARMOR, the strength of a robust manufacturer
ARMOR markets the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film. Its operational production capacity of 1 million m2 per annum is the world's largest. The French company draws its strength from its 100 years of know-how in ink formulation and roll-to-roll coating of fine layers on thin films. This has enabled it to become the global market leader in the sale of thermal transfer ribbons for barcode labels and variable printing on packaging, with a production capacity of 1.7 billion m2 of film. Its complete control over the industrial process for the ASCA® film safeguards its commercial deployment. The translucent film is already sold for a range of applications, such as street furniture with JCDecaux and agricultural greenhouses in partnership with Eiffage Energie. Multiple projects are currently being examined for diverse structures: public buildings, schools, industrial, sites, etc. Many of the biggest international energy companies are closely investigating the potential of the ASCA® film as its low weight and flexibility enable complementary developments to traditional photovoltaic panels, notably on fragile roofs, building facades and metallic-textile structures. The ASCA® film also offers innovative solutions in back-up energy solutions or as a sensor for connected objects.
OPVIUS, a pioneer in OPV integration know-how
Founded in 2012 in Germany, in Nuremberg for R&D and in Kitzingen for production, OPVIUS is the market leader in the integration of flexible OPV (organic photovoltaic) solar technology. With some 100 clients and projects in 15 countries worldwide, it enjoys rare expertise that enables it to integrate flexible organic photovoltaic film into numerous materials, including but not limited to textile, glass and ETFE. It is a pioneer in numerous architectural projects: solarisation of the diplomatic headquarters of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), installation solar sunshades at the Thüringen State Horticultural Show (Germany) and the covering of multiple buildings in Germany. The company differentiates itself from all other global operators in the flexible organic photovoltaic film market by its proficiency in free-form technology, which allows for artistic creativity to produce custom and original photovoltaic shapes in a variety of colours, such as leaves, crystals and specific designs supporting the high added-value architectural preferences of leading designers. 
“We are faced with a unique opportunity: to combine on the one hand the Opvius’ unique “free-form” OPV manufacturing technology, along with its product integration know-how, with, on the other hand, the industrial power of ARMOR and its unequalled manufacturing capacity.” added Ralph Pätzold, CEO of OPVIUS GmbH. “Thanks to these complementary skills, the OPV activity will reach a higher level, thus readying it to increase its market shares by volume in the very near future.”