Social innovation by ARMOR

How social issues guide ARMOR’s choices in the development of its business model

For ARMOR, social responsibility is the result of a collective and constantly evolving process. Through its activities the group strives to stimulate the drivers of sustainable growth, based on innovation and ethics. ARMOR seeks to promote the interests of its customers, employees and, to a certain extent, those of future generations. This is why the approach has been named "socially responsible innovation".

A historic commitment

ARMOR made its first CSR commitments in 2006, with triple certification in Quality, Safety and the Environment at its production site in La Chevrolière, France. This was accompanied by the launch in 2008 of an action plan consisting of 10 themes, Dec@plan, focusing on ecologically responsible development.
In the same year, ARMOR became a signatory of the UN Global Compact. In this context, the Group undertakes to act in accordance with the 10 principles covering human rights, labor law, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. Every year, the group issues a Communication on Progress (COP) report. ARMOR has now attained the 'Advanced' level.

ARMOR applies the Responsible Care® charter, an initiative by chemicals companies to improve health, environmental performance, safety and relations with stakeholders.

ARMOR contributes to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN. The group has identified 7 main objectives relating to the impact of its business activities.

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The group's 6 priority issues in the area of socially responsible innovation

Fully aware of its obligations, ARMOR follows a clear strategic path that respects the environment and gives a central role to the company's employees through managerial and technical innovation, while safeguarding the company's future by focusing on its customers and its economic performance.

  • Governance & Ethics
  • Employee Development
  • Circular Economy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Responsible Traceability
  • Regional Solidarity

Governance of corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Industrial Capital Management and Innovation at ARMOR 

The ARMOR management team holds the majority of ARMOR's capital. It has opted for a long-term development strategy based on the values of humanism, innovation and industrial development. 
The Industrial Capital Management and Innovation structure combines social and shareholding capital models structured around the spirit of a family-owned business. This model is based on significant financial commitment by the management team, on the opening up of the company's capital to all of the employees and on the support of investment funds which believe in the project and are prepared to back it over the long term. Since 2015, more than 350 employees of the group have also become shareholders. 

Our CSR principles

ARMOR is aware of its responsibilities and intends to act accordingly, by giving men and women from the company a key role to play, being respectful of the environment, and through technical and managerial innovation - yet while paying special attention to both customers and economic performance, as a guarantee of long-term viability.

All aspects of social responsibility are linked, and together they set the tone of human relations within the company, thus favouring the Group’s development. Year after year, ARMOR is constructing a more comprehensive social rights model for its employees, relying on the following principles:

- improving working and living conditions for employees
- using dialogue to build an attractive social rights package
- developing a safe working environment
- fighting discrimination and encouraging diversity
- identify internal competences and moving them forward


ARMOR is careful to limit the effects of production and to design and promote more ecological product and service offers based on 4 axes:

- reducing product impacts
- ensure the environmental management of sites
- fighting climate change
- saving energy

Acting in line with our values does of course mean changing our everyday approach towards customers - but also towards the community (suppliers, the areas in which ARMOR sites are located, sectors of activity). With one goal in mind: to get involved and share our practices. ARMOR is thus commited to:

- satisfying its customers by a strong level of product and service quality
- applying a shared, concrete, and responsible purchasing policy
- contributing to local development in the areas in which ARMOR is established
- creating and distributing the economic value
- exercising responsible influence