Published on 17/12/2017

Solar Smart Mobility: ARMOR lays down preparations for the mobility of tomorrow

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In partnership with Sunpartner Technologies and Vision Systems, ARMOR is currently working on the Solar Smart Mobility programme, supported by the ADEME environment agency as part of the PIA future investments programme. This ambitious research programme based on ASCA© photovoltaic film is preparing for the environmentally-friendly mobility solutions of tomorrow, and supplements the partnership established by ARMOR with JC Decaux to create intelligent street furniture powered by solar energy.

The objective of the Solar Smart Mobility project is to develop a sector based on the production of photovoltaic transparent glass in large sheets suitable for transport applications (cars, buses, trams, railways, aviation and
industrial or leisure vehicles). The applications of such photovoltaic films incorporated into vehicle glass cover two main functional objectives:
- to collect energy (the photovoltaic films placed on the glazed areas will be designed to provide supplementary power to the vehicles)
- to provide the energy required to operate intelligent glass (dynamic solar protection, displays, sensors) without using the vehicle’s power source.

Scheduled to run over 3 years and supported by the future investments programme managed by ADEME, the Solar Smart Mobility project represents total investment of 5.5 million euros.