A strategy for growth

Co-industrialisation - a brand new model for international development

A virtous growth model

ARMOR's growth model is based on co-industrialization: the international expansion of the Group as a driver for the development of the production facilities. Co-industrialization consists of producing semi-finished products at the group's large production sites and seeking growth abroad, developing employment in all the territories where ARMOR operates. 

ARMOR Industrial Coding & Printing produces semi-finished products in the form of large reels (jumbos) in La Chevrolière (Loire-Atlantique, France) and uses industrial slitting plants to convert-to-order the semi-finished products into ribbons suitable for each type of industrial printer. Present on all continents, in France, China, India, Singapore, South Africa, the US, Brazil and Mexico, these local units are able to meet the needs of local customers while limiting the environmental impact of transporting goods. This mode of development enables ARMOR to secure investment and employment at its French site. The emerging Asian economies, Brazil, the US, India, South Africa and Mexico are all significant drivers of the Group's growth, generating 80% of its revenue outside France. 

ARMOR's commitment to a strong, industrial Europe

ARMOR is a member of Solar Europe Now through its subsidiary, ARMOR solar power films. This coalition brings together over 90 operators in the photovoltaic solar value chain from 15 European countries. Convinced that solar energy is a critical element in the ability to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the coalition includes research centers and industry representatives from throughout Europe, including the solar power films division of ARMOR with its ASCA® organic photovoltaic films. The members of Solar Europe Now are calling on European institutions to raise the profile of the strategic value of photovoltaic solar in the next initiatives focusing on the climate, research, innovation and sustainable financing. Solar Europe Now is also committed to working alongside European decision-makers such that solar is able to "enlighten" the Green Deal and thereby stimulate photovoltaic solar production capacity in Europe.  

Participating in the revival of the European battery market is one of the most stimulating challenges. Convinced that European operators have a key role to play, ARMOR is a member of the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA), a private association born out of the European Battery Partnership created under the Horizon 2020 program. With the objective of establishing networking between the various operators in the sector and issuing recommendations for calls for projects initiated within the context of Horizon Europe work programs, BEPA is a leading association in the development of new battery technologies.  
By becoming a member of BEPA, ARMOR is committing itself to European collaboration. The company is therefore making its expertise available to this significant European network, notably in terms of the design and manufacture of current collectors – one of the key components of the lithium-ion battery.  

For ARMOR, co-industrialisation means successful globalization

ARMOR operates on 4 continents and in 20 countries through its various manufacturing and logistics sites and sales offices. ARMOR has a strategy of strong growth in line with the economic development in each host country.