Values & commitments

A company committed to defending its values

ARMOR builds its growth and its industrial project on the values of humanism, innovation, commitment and customer focus with the objective of responding to society's many challenges.
ARMOR demands excellence and performance with an objective shared by its entire workforce: to be the best in their profession. What gives a company its strength is its vision, its people, its culture and its values. ARMOR bases its activities on four fundamental values inherited from its history and which provide it with its soul. ARMOR achieves its ambitions by incorporating these values at the very heart of its day-to-day activities.

Our four values

ARMOR believes in management through trust, team spirit, respectful & constructive labour relations and the well-being of its employees. Every employee is encouraged to initiate progress and change. We aim to be socially responsible and to build a people-focused company based on consistency between our actions and our convictions.
ARMOR has decided to adopt a long-term vision and invests in responsible Research & Development, seeking out technologies capable of meeting the needs of future generations. We ask our suppliers and service providers to join us as we tackle the challenges of the future, against the backdrop of competitiveness and the shared values of sustainable development.
Our objective is excellence and performance. We commit ourselves to creating a collective spirit of success enabling each individual to develop their own potential within the company and ensuring that people are proud to work at ARMOR.
Placing customer focus at the heart of the company means a culture based on understanding and serving customer needs. ARMOR strives for perfection in the manufacture of its products. Throughout the world, we can count on enthusiastic and responsive personnel for whom customer satisfaction is the No. 1 objective.

Safety Culture at ARMOR

Rooted at the heart of our corporate culture, safety is the compass for all decisions making within the company, in all circumstances. It is naturally the primary expectation of ARMOR's employees and partners.
As safety is a prerequisite for a company's performance, ARMOR has placed it at the heart of its organisation, encouraging the mobilisation and contribution of everyone. Convinced that a safety culture, to work effectively, must be based on a collective approach, ARMOR decided to prioritise a continuous and constructive dialogue with the teams on all the improvements to be made.

ARMOR's commitments

Driven forward by its humanist values and its pioneering commitment in the field of corporate social responsibility, ARMOR has committed itself to numerous institutional initiatives in order to defend its values, to give its support to the most needy, to commit itself to responsible practices, to protect the environment...  

Member of the board member  of the UN Global Compact
A member of Global Compact France since 2008 and an Advanced member since 2014, ARMOR joined the board of the UN organization in 2018. The Global Compact brings together companies, organizations, UN agencies, the world of work and civil society around 10 universally recognized principles in order to build more stable and inclusive societies. By becoming a board member of Global Compact France, ARMOR fully participates in the definition and implementation of the organization's activities. 

Implementation of the Group Ethics Charter
This charter is an expression of ARMOR's desire to integrate ethical behaviour within an approach of mutual respect both inside and outside the Group, and is indispensable to the internal cohesiveness of the Group and to its long-term commitment to serve wider society.

See our Group Ethics Charter.

Signatory of the Responsible Supplier Relationships Charter 
ARMOR signed in April 2011, the Charter ‘Relations fournisseur responsables’ (Responsible Supplier Relationships Charter). This initiative, lead by the French Credit Mediation network aims to implement progressive initiatives with suppliers, especially small and medium sized companies. The Charter is supported by the French Finance Minister and sets out a framework of 10 good practices between major purchasers and their suppliers.

See Responsible Supplier Relationships Charter.

In line with this commitment, ARMOR has established mediation via email: mediation@armor-group.com

Find out more: www.relations-fournisseur-responsables.fr

In the framework of its Responsible Purchasing Policy, ARMOR has also put in place a code of business conduct .
This code is meant to be the common base of commercial relationships between ARMOR and its suppliers.

See our Code of business conduct.
Our other commitments:
  • Signatory of
    the Diversity Charter
  • Signatory of
    the Responsible Care
    charter of the UIC
    (Chemicals Industry Union)
  • Member of the IEC
    (Institute of the Circular Economy)
  • Member of FACE
    (Foundation Against Social Exclusion)
  • Founder member of CEPNA
    (regional microcredit support association)
  • Bureau member of
    the ETIRA
    (European Toner
    & Inkjet Remanufacturers Association)
  • Founder member of
    FCR (France Cartouche Réemploi, Cartridge Re-utilisation France)
  • Member of the World Allicence for Efficient Solutions
  • Active member of the Terrawat Initiative
  • Member of Baterries European Partnership Association (BEPA)
  • Member of France Additive 
  • Member of Solar Power Europe